Poached Eggs

Discussion in 'Cookery' started by Legs, Aug 29, 2009.

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  1. I love poached eggs. But I'm really bad at making them.

    My method is: Boiling water, swirl is around and pour in the raw egg in the centre of the whirlpool. Let it cook for a couple of minutes and pull it out and dry it on a sheet of Bounty.

    I've heard of using vinegar, so tried it. It makes the eggs taste awful. I can't get on with those things that hang over the edge of the pan, and I refuse to microwave them.

    So. how do I get a decent poached egg?
  2. You only need a few drops of vinegar and have water smimmering gently and swirling slowly.

  3. They now sell very fancy ceramic egg poaching cups. You pour egg in and float in water. Available at cookshops and Homebase.
    Technology derived from the Space Shuttle or something. But you do get a very well formed egg. I love poached eggs with Worcestershire sauce!
  4. My missus tried those and I ended up with two rather rubbery poached (ish) eggs. They looked more like Jordan's discarded breast implants.

    And didn't taste much better or so I'm led to believe.
  5. Try a couple of drops of white vinegar - normally works a treat.
  6. What is wrong with the eggs you poach, Legs?
    Just the taste of vinegar?

    I use salt instead of vinegar.
    I like to use a large deep saucepan, filled nearly to the top with the simmering, swirling water. This way, the egg forms into a perfect sphere as it falls through about 6 inches of water.

    EDIT: Any of those cup/dish things that steam the egg, rather than poach it, result in an egg that is rubbery on the outside and snotty in the middle (unless one overcooks it all the way through).
  7. Get the Water to a light boil where its just bubbling. Swirl the water around, add a couple of large eggs. Keep the water to a light boil or the whites seperate. Time for dead on three mins turn off take out enjoy!!
  8. They break up into lots of stringy white - although the yolk is lovely, or they taste of vinegar.

    I use eggs as fresh as I can get them from the supermarket.
  9. Water boiling too much turn the heat down
  10. Well in that case we all need to buy the pukka old fashioned egg poacher. Robert Dyas still sells them.
  11. Get one of those steel rings they use in burger vans for frying eggs on a hot plate and put that in the simmering water, holds the egg in a perfect circle
  12. Break the egg fairly close to the surface of the water.

    I'm not entirely sure how important the "swirling" is; I can cook about 6 eggs together, so the water has ceased to swirl after adding the first couple of eggs.

    But have the water deep.
  13. The metal rings seem good. But extracting the egg without breaking it or burning yourself is well nigh impossible :)
  14. P of P good cast iron pan and steel slice, did a dozon the other morning for the gang on laverbread oat cakes and blackpudding EEEmmmmmm