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I've attended a couple of Potential Officer visits in my time and all took a slightly different approach. However, I have one in the near future in which I'll actually get to meet the soldiers rather than just the officers having lunch in the mess. Although this is a great opportunity, I don't want to look like a knobber by asking them bone questions which got me thinking:

1. What's the best question that a PO has ever asked you?
2. What's the worst / most bone thing a PO has ever asked you?
3. What do you wish a PO had asked you (for any reason)?
4. What's been the best PO stich-up you've conducted?

Replies to any of the above would be appreciated!
Don't fret so much about it. Ask them what you want to know, not what you think will impress them. Inevitably you'll ask stupid questions along the way, which is to be expected. The soldiers will then laugh at you. C'est la vie. Don't try to ingratiate yourself but show a genuine interest in them and their trade. From your posts so far you seem to have that. The blokes don't want a know-it-all PO, that would be no fun.

My bn has always been fairly lazy in the running of PO visits and try to palm off the POs to the soldiery at the earliest possible opportunity, preferably as a rifleman for the duration of an exercise. Its the easy option for us I guess, but it also allows the PO the chance to see the bn in the most realistic light possible. If you do get the chance to exercise as a bloke then learn as much as possible from those around and you and obviously, don't be jack.
Quite agree. The best visit should give a PO the chance to meet the Officers and get stuck in with the Soldiers. Also remember that it's a two way thing - you're judging the Regiment you're visiting as much as they're judging you.

Regading potential poo traps, just follow lineinf's advice above.

However regarding wind ups, be cautious about the following:

Suspiciously 'friendly' Padres.
Obnoxious Gate Guards.
Drunken Mess Waiters.


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