PO interview at PARA RHQ

Discussion in 'Infantry' started by mbwest, Jun 26, 2006.

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  1. PO interview at PARA RHQ

    Good evening

    Just thought I’d add a quick post about a “PO Interview” I have coming up. It lasts about 5 hours; that seems a long time for an interview.
    Just wondered…
    a. Has anyone any information as to what I may be asked to do (baring in mind it is only a few hours and I have not been told to bring a P.T. kit)?
    b. Is there anyone else on here attending?
    c. Any general tips for the day?

    (edited to be a bit more subtle)
  2. First question you ask is, 'So, what's the boys in 3 Para Mortars like as I'm interested in their kind of work and lifestyle'. That will set you up for a good career not sitting on your arrse.
  3. Thanks for the help ;) i'll bare that in mind.
    Anymore for anymore?
  4. when i went on mine it jsut seemed to be streaming an creaming for poc there were 5 or 6 guys you loiter round and watch vids whilst the others go in when i did mine 2 and 3 PARA were deployed so no mess lunch as it says in the letter usual questions who? what? where? why us? no major trauma if its not your first regt sponsorship interview you 'll be fine pm if you get any other questions bout it or poc. good luck
  5. Thought as much. Will continue to search the site.
    I never feel ready for this sort of stuff - is that usual do you think?
    Everything I have done previously has gone fairly well however.
    This will be my second regt sponsor visit but this time I will also have RCB under my belt; i'm hoping that will go in my favour.
  6. You only feel you're not ready coz of nerves. Chill, take a resoectable view of, I'm good, why would I want to join your regiment while selling yourself.
  7. First of all MBWEST you have answered the call and raised the bar by going for a PO Interview.

    1. Be yourself, be honest
    2. Explain that you want to be the person that you can be and the highest standard is the Regt and you aspire to that
    3. Brush up on your history and the operations and kit
    4. If you don't know the answer don't woffle or fudge it - be honest. Integrity is the key attribute as an officer.
    5. They are not looking for a readymade YO, they are looking for attributes and skillsets that can be moulded thru' training.
    6. Remember that it is a privilege to lead as an officer and with it comes awesome responsibilities.
    7. Tell them you will respect and draw on the skills of your SNCO's & JNCO's and counsel their opinion.
    8. Good luck

    PM if you need any further info
  8. dont hold me to this but i had a mate who already had sponsorship and RCB so the interview was just to make sure he wasnt completely unsuited so he was pretty much allowed poc with out any questions
  9. Thanks for the help guys. It all went ok.
    However was a bit of a time waster. 2hrs each way travelling and 4hrs sitting around for a 20min interview - surely there must be an easier way.

    Very impressed by the regiment though. We were told how hard it was including all the selection tests we had to pass and to be honest it didnt really bother, it just made me think that this regiment was serious. Apparently their POC is like an RCB but tougher, can anyone shed any light on this?

    My only worry about the paras is the fact that I want something under my belt in case a) the army doesn't like me. b) cant garantee me a job. c) I don't like them. Does anyone know what the technical side of things are like. Will I learn anything apart from how to lead a platoon and fire a gun.

    Forgive me if I seem a little naive.
    Tried to keep the post short and sweet!

  10. Being a good Infantry officer (and NCO) can teach you how to get the most out of the people and resources you have to do the job. It can teach you how to arrive at a workable solution to almost any problem when under considerable pressure. FFS what more do you want? It's up to you whether you are going to be good or not.
  11. Officer training will prepare you for any number of man-managerial roles in the outside world. Obviously not much call for the ability to throw oneself bodily from a Herc in the real world ... :)
  12. Thanks for the responses guys. I know it will teach me managerial skills but is that simply going to be enough to get a job in the real world if things don't work out. For example I was looking at Signals for a variety of reasons, one being that I will have a good knowledge of telecommunications etc. when I leave.
  13. You would be surprised at how many so called managers in the civilian work place don't have such skills. What you have also got is leadership ability which is even rarer outside. How you sell yourself is up to you but I cannot deny that service in the Royal Signals would give you a bit more. That's OK but you would never know what it is like to command a platoon of Infantry soldiers and there is nothing quite like it. I'm biased of course............ :)