Discussion in 'Health and Fitness' started by Kingtom, Sep 30, 2012.

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  1. Hi I'm about to start basic in 2 weeks and just had a Pneumothorax, anyone know what will happen to me starting training?
  2. You need to speak to your doctor and ask about the repurcussions for you traing (phsycial training, hard physical training) and then speak to your ACIO.
  3. Doctor was no help, just said 6 weeks till I can start doing physical training again but they have to say that cause thats the longest time for this injury I should be all healed up in 2-4 weeks max tbh. ACIO said so far just carry on and see what the docs say when I start phase one at Cattarick as i start on the 14th. But I have no clue what the medical there is like?
  4. So you have in fact had an answer.

    You will have to see what the docs at catterick say.
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  5. Yes in a way. But not a very good answer. I'm looking to see if anyone can give me any information on the medical at the start of phase one (recent info) or if anyone has had or knows of someone who was or is in a similar situation. This could all come down to saying the right thing, and its completely killing me. I don't want to get DQed cause of a technicality. I don't want to get DQed at all.
  6. Might I hazard a guess that you're a reasonably tall, skinny bloke in your late teens who smokes?

    Have know a few spontaneous pneumothoraxes in the Army who have not had any adverse medical ruling but they are already in, it's entirely up to the MO at Catterick and whether he thinks you're a risk.
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  7. It's not a technicality.

    You are now a member of HM forces with a start date and joining instructions.

    You are now a military patient.

    You will get to catterick and you will either A - be examined and passed as fit for CMSR or B - you will not be passed as fit and you will placed in the rehab platoon until you are recovered enough to join a later platoon.

    Now stop answering back and learn to be told, that's your first lesson in military life.
  8. The ONLY person who can answer that is the, wait for it... Doctor at Catterick.

    After a physical examination, and face to face chat.
  9. 'Collapsed lung'

    I bet Chocolate **** was no help !

    nor Buzz.

    You are fucked...
  10. Hiding something else?
  11. Yea I'm a tall skinny bloke, haven't smoked in over a year thought (I mean I've had a toke or 2 on occasion, stupid I know).
    Ow that sound pretty encouraging then! Yea well I guess it will be slightly different as I'd be a military patient and I've made it through selection ( I know that's the easy part I'm not here to argue!)
    After dealing with the ADSC pirbright docs trust me they'd have taken any excuse to throw a technicality at you!
    How am I fucked or hiding something?
  12. This has got more wah than a wah wah pedal.
  13. And everyone is being of help, the only person who can tell me for sure is the doc at Cattarick but hell it's worth a discussion, I'm stuck with bed rest for 2 weeks worrying if what I've always wanted to do with my life and got so close to is just becoming another 3 years out of my reach! No one can tell me for sure but the doc but people can help.
  14. 3 years?

  15. Yes very much Wah.