Discussion in 'The Training Wing' started by bigbishywah, May 31, 2005.

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  1. Does anyone here in this veritable emporium of advise have any idea what the pneumonic


    Stands for??

    I cant find it anywhere, at least not in any pams and no one i have asked seems to know.
  2. Does anyone in this veritable emporium know the f**king difference between

    pneumonic - pertaining to the lungs- as in pneumonic plague and pneumonia and

    mnemonic - a phrase or verse deigned to help the memory
  3. Well said f2b! And of course that is a rhetorical question you are asking, spelt r,h,e,t,o,r,i,c,a,l Excellent, go and buy a bigger hat. :grin:

    Now, for bigbishywah's question:

    It is the mnemonic to remember the reorg drills:

    P Protection
    A All round Defence
    C Cas & Ammo state
    E Equipment
    S Sit Rep
    S Searchers
    D Dig In or Move
    O Orders

    And you asked the same question - and received accurate answers, yesterday on the infantry forum. What's up, don't you trust the infantry?

    Please note the last was also a rhetorical question.
  4. Abacus, look at the date it was posted, ten minutes in the infantry forum and he was running back to the relative safety of the training wings.

    I trust the infantry not to be trustworthy, but they're still a cracking bunch of lads. :wink:
  5. Hmm...

    Pretty cool. Ours was less descriptive for battle reorg:

    Establish Security,
    Account for Personnel,
    Establish Chain of Command,
    Make a Decision.
  6. it was actually ten minutes previously and i needed answers quick, my solution ask many people in many places
  7. Knew a bloke who could remember everyting- now a NATO A4 civvvy earning 1200000 euros a month.

    Could remember anything He turned into a mnemonic .

    even the Bible was


  8. ?where is the rest of the posts ??