Pneumonia and long term effects, a question

Back in the early 90's I went down with a bout of bacterial pneumonia which had me hospitalised for a couple of weeks or so. During my time in Rinteln the first doctor I saw said that I'd be treated then sent home for a few weeks sick leave to recover, but half way through my stay he was replaced by a new doctor who changed that to 1 weeks local sick leave back in Sennelager. I never seem to regain the level of fitness I once had after this either.
Now, many years later and me a civvy of 9 years a neighbour is a nurse and when I mentioned this to her in passing she was horrified saying that pneumonia has quite long lasting effects and that it can take a long time for your lungs to get back to the level they once were. Is this true? I'm not looking to sue, or want sympathy, just a better understanding of what happened to me.

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