Yorkshire_Warrior said:
Going on it soon, not June, the one after. Any tips or advice from those done it before?

Not from personal experience, but the more physically fit you are, the better you will be able to cope with all the s**t that they put you through.

That's one golden nugget from someone who went through and passed.
Only 3 things must you remember, fitness, fitness and fitness. Seriously, that is the main thing but you have plenty of time by the sounds.
Prep your kit well so that your admin does not let you down.
Expect and prepare for the worst- anything better is a bonus.
Dont worry too much about not knowing about orders etc (if that is on the sylabus) as you will be taught. Your basic skills are critical, SAA, punctuality, fieldcraft etc.
Mental attitude will carry you through, they cant kill you and they cant make you pregnant!
As the other said, fitness counts. I suffered on mine due to not being fit enough. I got through, and thankfully I was strong in other areas and had a blinding section that helped each other out. Try and take a GS shovel, with a sand bag over the head. Don't weigh much and everyone will take the pish, untill you have to dig a whole for your model, at wich point you have loads of best mates.

Take your issue kit, and you gucci kit. If its issue only then you'll have it, if not happy days.

If you don't think your up to fitness, get good at other stuff and share the work load. You normaly get pretty switched on blokes who all want to pass and will work hard for each other.

Unless you get it mong section, then your fecked.

Remember, if you can't spot the section chopper, it's you.
Fitness a big yes, and also 'physical robustness' get out in the hills with boots and bergan on (or civvy equivalent if you think you might feel a bit of a twonk) and try and prepare your body for the stresses a bit.
Try and take a roll of fablon. Before you go get a map of the training area (Catterick presumably, but your joining instruction should confirm it) fabloned, one less thing to do in the evening. Ensure you have an up to date and amended copy of the TAM, but as previously said, you should be taught how to use this and give orders. You can help yourself by having an all singing model kit, blue and white powder in DKP puffer bottles (don't waste talc, your feet will need it!), lots of blank cards (laminated) to mark RV's etc, if you go with them pre written you will very soon discover you can't find the one you want!
A good tip for cleaning fabloned items and nyrex folders is to get an old camera cassette tube, put some cotton wool in the bottom and soak it in surgical spirit (acts as a resevoir), then use either another piece of cotton wool or flanellette to wipe items clean.
Remember the basics of personal admin, my weapon, my kit, myself, and make sure you constantly check your Cam, reapply as necessary.
But the most useful thing you can take is a SENSE OF HUMOUR!!
Fitness and robustness is essential .Take all your issuse and gucci kit
One carde had a thing about mess tins only. Another had a big issuse about waterproofing kit making people crawl through river tunnel during the attack in febuary (would have quit there and then if i could have thought)
Fitness is what will get you through it though .
Did one last September. For the orders phase, the Pl comd gave his set of orders to the whole platoon. Every rifleman then had to go away and prepare a set of section level orders. The command appointments were then given out, so everyone had to prepare orders as you didn't know if you were going to be giving them.
We had a lesson before that with the Pl comd and 3 section commanders, showing how the boss gives orders and the section commanders then take the relevant information and prepare theirs.
Useful to get some waterproof TAMS paper (John Bull do it), so you can have the orders written out directly opposite the headings in your TAMS so everything is in order and you don't miss anything vital.
Yeah, as above, it's been some time since I did mine, but a prior knowledge of the orders process will stand you in good stead, and also an understanding of how to extract sect level orders from the Pl Comd's orders will help you, get one of your screws to give you a hand before you go. You should be taught this on the course, but it'll either be in a giant sleeping bag (lecture room) or in the field, and it's difficult to take in in those situation.
Oh and get a load of blank patrol reports, and a pack of colouring pencils. Keep them in zip lock bag stored flat in the back of your bergan, there's a suitable slot on the inside where the frame goes, Some people put them in tubes, but I found them a pain when they kept rolling up on themselves while your trying to write, and you've got enough to worry about at four in the morning after a patrol trying to right your report using a pin prick of light, under a basha in the beautiful Yorkshire weather!!
The thing about PNCOs is that they push you and push you i.e after the ambush they made us carry 6 guys back over the hills at catterick - seemeds to last for years and could see stars at the end! They want to see if your going to crack - in my course 40 guys turned up and ten of us passed! so fitness is a must try interval training and prepare for the cft (40mins)! make sure your kit is sorted and you have practiced section attacks or at least know what you should be doing! Take with you plenty of fablon for your map and handouts! and just remember to smile the DS hate it!!
Just got back from the course, brilliant course, screws were great, and come away with a good repeort. If anybody is going on a future couse, fire any questions up and I'll be happy to help

Yorkshire_Warrior said:
Just got back from the course, brilliant course, screws were great, and come away with a good repeort. If anybody is going on a future couse, fire any questions up and I'll be happy to help

Here fella, I've just completed it too. PM on it's way. Think I can narrow you down to 2 people. Just in case tho, I was the loud Irish bloke. :D

Cracking course, spoiled only by that poor recruit's accident. RIP kid.
Try PJNCO. Any better?
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