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Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by abs4253, Feb 15, 2006.

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  1. Looks like I'm off on a PNCO's cadre in April, anybody done one recently? what does the two week entail? what's everyone's experiences?

    Any help much appreciated!
  2. abs4253 - I take it your doing the infantry PNCO Cadre up at Vimmy barracks, Catterick? If so, get a hold of some of your NCO's and get em to take you through the orders process. Sign out a set of TAM's with the the Infantry insert with all the upto date amendments. The TAM's become your bible on this course and will get to know it quite intamatley.
  3. Prepare for the worst as how the course is run depends on the mood of the DS.

    Also it is down to the Section Commander, so i you are lucky then you will have a good two weeks, if not stand by for ironing your pillow case and room inspections at 6 in the morning!
  4. I agree, be prepared to be treated like a crow. We had guys older than the DS on my course being beasted for all sorts. The DS do realise that we are trained soldiers and give you a bit of breathing space. As with most courses - try and be the "grey man". Be prepared for death by orders via power point!!
  5. I've just been told that I'm on my cadre at Donnington Barracks at the start of March. Anyone been here or got any experience of Donnington? Again like abs4253 I'm looking for info on what to expect.
  6. Read the TAMs alot, try to get a basic understanding of the orders process as it is death by power point on the orders front, also make sure ure fit as we did alot of strecther races in the field and alot of section attacks, it was a pass attend course when i did it in 2002, but i think that has changed now,as was said before try to be a grey man, it also depends on ure DS we had a good one but u might not be so lucky
  7. Thanks guys I'll sign out a copy of TAMS, I've got a copy of the Inf Pams 7 battle box thats got the Infantry pocket Book which is quite informative.
  8. Thanks for the info, much appreciated
  9. HOllOS is right on this.

    Although you'll probably see more blokes drop out than fail (anywhere from 20% to 80% looking at my own and others experiences), expect them to fail people on the last day (a third of the survivors on my course) if you don't have a great grasp of the orders process.

    Again, it all depends on the DS.
  10. Another big one is Map reading - at some point, you will have to plan and coduct a patrol of some sort, so try and get your unit to try and sort out a nav-ex. Another one is try and get copies of route cards / battle cards / orders cheat sheets / A5 orders templates off some of the seasoned NCO's , stuff like that really do help and makes things alittle easier.
    Must haves:

    Water proof paper
    A5 Nyrex Folders
    Tam's (Parts 1 AND 2 with amendments)
    Lots of spare notebooks
    Large map case
    Lumi pens - permanent onces in asscorted colours with fine nib
    Model Kit - dont buy a ready made one, there're crap, make your own
    Compass - Prismatic and Silva type
    A4 folder - for Hand outs etc
    Fablon - for any battle cards etc you get issued
    Issue Bino's

    This is just a short list looking at the orders side of things - be prepared for your smock to be bulging out with kit. Make sure all your battle cards, range cards etc are fabloned BEFORE you go.
    Sign out the field craft pam to revise all basic skills and drills. Everything will be done by the book i.e tactics, orders etc. Make sure your Weapon Handling Drills are top notch - you get a test on the 1st day.

    Good Luck
  11. A few lads from our unit are going on a PNCO cadre in March (not sure where) but it's only for a weekend!?

    Also, Donnington isn't so bad, there's a little corner shop between the two barracks which we literally bought out the entire stock of porn (mostly down to myself!!!) in the end, they had to order some in, and we're talking top notch rags.

    Accommodation is alright, rooms of 8 - 10 per room, grub's not the worst you're gonna eat and there are plenty of yokel pubs to frequent. Also, there's a bar not a cab's ride away, where they're more than happy to accommodate "Naked Bar!!"

    Good luck.