PNCO Course Moan

Discussion in 'Royal Signals' started by iLoveYourMumDrunk, Feb 3, 2011.

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  1. I would like just to have a rant about this PNCO course that now runs Corps wide.
    Surely the Signals have got this completely the wrong way around. Shouldn't a board be sat before SJAR's are written to decided who is looking at some sort of recomendation, once decided those that are looking at a recomendation are put on a PNCO course.

    An insert is made up for the said candidates SJAR and judging by how he done on the course. This will see if he can keep the recomendation that his chain of command have decided. The Artillary do this and it seems to stop (80% of the time) absolute throbbers getting promoted.

    Another gripe of mine for example: Kit checks for exercise on the course.... Surely if some lad who is said he can be a LCPL does not need his kit checked? I understand that some NCOs in the Corps do need their kit checked. But like I said, if the Corps had decided that he is good enough to have some sort of command over his peers, should he really have someone checking if he has got a sleeping bag or a toothbrush.
  2. Re: kit check...yes. it is a good way to identify jack bastard throbbers...good habits ingrained are lifetime habits.
  3. Please, please, tell me you are taking the p*ss? The second quote I have highlighted explains your query doesn't it?
    Do you command soldiers?
  4. From a JNCO level yes. I just find it highly patronising having somone check if I have an 'army issued towel' or the correct amount of razor blades.

    My point is. If somone needs to have their kit checked because they cannot be trusted to follow a simple list, then they shouldn't be NCO's
  5. You have me there. I just wish I had thought of the phrase "highly patronising" when I attended my RSDCC, RSSSC and AADI courses back in the day in order to fob the instructors off! As far as I recall, they all included comprehensive kit checks and they didn't cause me any lasting damage.
    You're in the Army - deal with it.
  6. Ever thought that there may be other reasons to check people have right kit?

    On my course (I'm not Signals) the packing lists added up to a certain weight, making sure everyone had the same kit means everyone carries the same weight on exercise
  7. How are we going to know they can be trusted unless their kit is checked? First step up the promotion ladder is designed to filter out the chaff by giving them chad tasks and bullshit.

    Those that want career progression will jump through the required hoops. Those that don't; start bone threads on a website...
  8. To add my two pence worth, I also used to think kit checks were a patronising pain in the arse. Then I got promoted and realised you have to do it as A, it's a duty of care thing and B, to ensure all your Det kit is there before I deployed. Fast forward 10 years and I go on tour attached to the infantry and they did it before every Op no one liked it but it was classed as essential battle prep so dry your eyes princess there IS a valid reason for it!
  9. Kit checks are the way ahead. It prevents mountains of heartache when promoted-above-their-ceiling, gobby bleep JNCOs think they have the experience to know what kit to pack. You balloon-headed skiplicker.
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  10. This gobby little twat has been all over arrse like a rash giving every one the benefit of his vast amount of opinion. Get over yourself mate.
  11. I hate kit checks. They are bone. And, as you point out, can be patronising.

    But having had the experience of a WO2 asking me two days into a six month tour if I could lend them an item that had been on the kit list but they obviously hadn't bothered checking for, I'd say kit checks are still an essential part of ANY pre-deployment.
  12. Ha ha no not you, that gobby little twat the o.p. i was agreeing with you, har har.
  13. ...HYPOCRITE hyp·o·crite/ˈhipəˌkrit/
    Noun: A person who indulges in hypocrisy.

    It is just an opinion I had, and I thank everyone that provided a sensible debate
  14. I totally agree with you clayhead. People need to think of kit checks in the same way that they think of carrying out other basic drills. Repetition of seemingly dull tasks embeds it into our brains and helps us carry them out as second nature when we're under stress or just tending towards arrogance / laziness. You always carry out NSPs for a very good reason and likewise you always carry out kit-checks for equally good reasons.

    Surely all sane people do the same procedures when out of uniform too? [taps pocket]keys, wallet, phone etc.... it's just common sense!
  15. iloveyourmumdrunk is obviously a one-tour-van-damme, Been on one tour and now thinks he's a ******* super soldier hero.
    I know a female Sgt who went on her Royal Signals Sgt's course with what she thought was a softy 6. Good one you may think, not when its winter on Sennybridge, and not when it turns into a ******* Softy jacket, cos the fat stupid bitch never checked her kit! Thats right she worked in the crypto cell for 20X SigSqn. Ask her about her hypo-*******-thermia. Twat
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