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Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by Svinski, Oct 12, 2011.

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  1. Been put forward for pnco cadre in November. Any advice for kit to take. Things to brush up on before I go? What to expect from the 2 weeks. All comments appreciated
  2. Highlighters, marker pens, fablon (better still a proper laminator), a TAM if you can get your hands on one if not a nirex folder will do.

    Apart from that the packing list is pretty good and add any little bits you would usually have for a field ex that make things a little bit more comfortable. We had the pleasure of a 60k patrol ex w/e thrown in the middle of ours so we was all pretty fucked by the time we got to our actual field ex so Haribo/fags/chewing gum for when moral hits the deck and that's it. But if you have good lads in your section it won't be a drama (not that imagine they'll do that again).

    Oh and don't forget to pack a sense of humour. My section has good DS and all of the blokes where sound. Other sections not so much......
  3. Is this PJNCO in catterick for infantry?

    Q) what are the dates on this?

    I may ask to get on it if the dates are good. Just looked on armynet, nothing on there.
  4. It's re down in Weymouth. Start of November
  5. Yes, boots, beret and barnet, you scruffy 'obbyist oik!
  6. ah. Has anyone got dates for infantry PJNCO (TA) at catterick? - around november/december time is the next one i think. but would like to know for sure, with sure dates, if anyone knows.
  7. The_Duke

    The_Duke LE Moderator

    Yes, I know someone who will have. He will sit in an office in your TA Centre, usually with a sign saying "PSI" on the door.
  8. This E-nirex - ARRSEpedia fablon fitness, fitness and fitness also brush up on the orders process as this seem to be one of the hardest thing to get your head round because up until now all you listen to in orders was what time do we go out and when do we get back and did I say fitness
  9. The Duke knows everything
  10. Revise the 6 section battle drills and all those basic things that so many people seem to turn up not knowing properly.
    Get someone to run through how to use a TAM with you and give you an idea of how to write orders.
    Make up a model kit.
    But the biggest most important thing you can do (which has been mentioned a few times) is get your fitness as good as possible, if you do only 1 thing it must be fitness!
  11. The course joining instructions have been issued, dare i say it but chase it up with your PS! A mate of mine got theirs recently.
  12. Get fit. If you arn't fit, you'll get fit after it when you realise that being fit is the secret to getting a high mark on every course in the Army!
  13. Work on the fitness side of things.
  14. I agree, smash the fitness, I assume you are infantry and have a high standard of fitness anyway but even so, fitness is the key.
  15. ugly

    ugly LE Moderator

    Fitness is great but not everything, I did my TA Brecon with some strange characters that were absolute fiz freaks, problem was they could barely read let alone a map and were Northerner types. This obviously marked them down as doleys and true to form they were. They had free gym membership being on the dole and used it to be fit enough to be a damned good section 2 i/c. problem was it wouldnt help them tying their shoelaces.

    before the slagging starts I have northern friends too!