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pnco cadre ta



Just a quick question regarding PNCO Cadre.
Having recently been nominated for this course, run over two seperate weekends, was just wondering if anyone has been on it recently?
I have joining instructions, but just wanted to maybe have a bit crack on regards course.
Infantry PJNCO is 2 weeks ran at ITC Catterick with Anzio Coy.

What capbadge are you? If you are RAF Regt as your avatar suggests you probably won't get much luck on here.


Hi, thanks for reply
Sorry, have just removed the mudgaurd.
I was RAF Reg, but transferred into TA.
Im with 168 pioneers.
Did mine last August at Grantham. First weekend is Values & Standards, Nav., role of a 2i/c and also a risk reduction run (not a PFA). The first weekend is more classroom based leading upto the 2nd weekend which is an excercise for the whole weekend on the training ground. You will patrol out and over the weekend each will have a crack at being 2i/c. Over the weekend you will do section attacks and a night nav.
The DS are really good, listen to what they tell you and enjoy it.


Book Reviewer
The Infantry do 2 weeks at Catterick (and occasionally in-house by your battalion), the basic outline of which is spelled out here: PJNCO - ARRSEpedia

Most Corps seem to do a couple of weekends, the content of which varies from capbadge to capbadge.

Edited to add: Sorry, only just noticed your second post. Sure that Bed Block and other Loggies will be of help.

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