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PMTM handed P45

JRM has a big personality with loads of charisma. He's a man of principle, and that matters far more than his actual principles. There's also a grudging pride in the stereotype he represents
I'm a Labour supporter, and I would rather have Jacob Rees Mogg lead us through Brexit than Theresa May. Infact I would rather have him lead us through Brexit than a Labour Party that has Dianne Abbot, and Emily Thornberry in it.
Not sure why you had so many negatives for your opening post.

This morning Grant Shapps states he has a list of thirty MP's who are calling on the PM to resign. Also he is stating that several cabinet ministers are privately thinking she should go. They only need 40 to force a leadership vote!
I didn't want her as leader especially after her performance as Home Secretary and a stronger PM than Cameron would have got rid of her after a year or two!
I say get rid and the sooner the better, her apology for the result of the general election was lamentable and shows that she really is NOT PM material.
Who next though? Shapps wouldn't be drawn on that, surprise surprise.
Great quote from Nadine Dorries: “if Grant Shapps has 30 MPs backing him, then Dianne Abbott must be doing the counting”! :smile:
Hopefully, he's pragmatic enough, which I believe he is, to recognise that he's not going to be able to put those particular genies back in the bottle.
It's not like he was recorded saying it in private. He knew what the reaction would be and went out of his way to state his beliefs on national TV.


Book Reviewer
I still cant work out if Boris is a buffoon or a canny career politician. But with the current state of the Tory party I am tempted to say "Give me a strong leader with a clear vision to take the country away from the Marxist nut-jobs" and I will vote for him.

Mind you, I said that in Berlin back in 1935. The result was mixed to say the least.

Gout Man

Book Reviewer
Being born with a silver spoon in his mouth, you mean like Corbyn, or the Millibands ?, that seems to have stopped their careers stone dead
I said "comes across as". The trouble with politics today is how the public view the politicians and in my opinion he will turn voters off.

Gout Man

Book Reviewer
But he's become an internet meme for the really hip young hoopy froods
I can't see it myself.
I just can't believe that the Tories are this inept when Corbyn is in charge of Labour. It's frightening, I'm banking on tonight's numbers and then will be on a world cruise wondering where to get off. It won't be Southampton!
You have a point, I did think it was a cunning ploy to lose the election and not have deal with Brexit or the fallout from the last Labour government

But nope it just seems to be the fallout of the Tories trying not to be the Tories, annoying their core vote and managing to scare off voters with incredibly bad PR

It's a sad day when you're thinking that a vote for incompetence is the least worst option at the next election


Book Reviewer
The trouble with politics today is how the public view the politicians
No, that is the reality. Welcome to 2017. Ever since JFK, leaders have been selected on their public profile. Trump is a prime example. How many times did you think "He has REALLY blown it this time?" Now he is POTUS. Uncle Jezz with his Momentum supporters? Same-same. Now he is everybodys favourite Uncle with a big bag of sweeties.

The public view is how the public vote. And at the moment, the public aint going to vote for the car park in Basildon that is MayBot.

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