PM's use of RAF jet for Egypt holiday to be investigated

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by chris, Jan 11, 2005.

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  2. Whats the point? There will be an inquiry with such a narrow remit by some lifelong and tediously boring (you can tell by their photos) civil servant who will state that something happened but no-one (including the pilot or aircrew) can remember exactly what. The El Presidente will be exonnerrated and some stewardess will get the sack. :evil:
  3. I find no 5 the most impressive. What possible justification is there for spending 120 grand on flying the farm minister about?
    The rest are still spending obscene amounts, but there are obvious reasons for their travel, though not for the method.
  4. So he isn't being given any direction for his findings then?

    The Queen to tell them to p*ss off and fly civair!

    Are this government the biggest bunch of free loaders outside of Brussels or wot :evil: :evil:

    Need a coffe now and was trying to give up 8O
  5. So its been whitewashed already before he began to investigate :roll:

    typical of this shower of shiite :evil:

    Security is not a dirty word - New Labour is :twisted:
  6. Now don't be too critical A_T_L. Horseface has a very full agenda of issues that we, the ungrateful public, must be made to understand. These include the pressing need for more and more airports to enable her to get around and spread her message on the need to reduce, erm, pollution. :roll:
  7. RTFQ


    What a wated opportunity! The RAF could have stated that due to the savage cutbacks they've been forced to swallow in order to pay for eurofighter, the only cost effective way to ship the Adams family would be by Herc. They could have put them on one full of roulement troops heading for Iraq, they would have learnt first hand what the soldiers in this country think of their mummy and daddy. Having dropped the lads off safely they could re route to Egypt. Unfortunately the flight would have to divert (engine trouble), sadly because the Spams stll haven't put a NOTAM up about the half constructed airfield the 130H creamed in on, they'd get a bit of a bumpy ride...

    Incidently, if security is such an issue, why did they have to go on holiday to EGYPT FFS? What's wrong with Hexham or Boscastle this time of year?
  8. Apparently he had to visit the Sheikh Yer Booty (or whatever) which makes it an OFFICIAL engagement. Makes you want to spit :evil: The worse thing is the cnuts won't even try to justify it as they know they are bulletproof. The inquiry seems to be whether there is a requirement for Queen's Flt (more defence cuts?) as to abuse of it.
  10. take em up in a Herc, open the tail gate and throw the feckers out....saves us money and gets rid of shiit from our country :evil:
  11. Watch out for more sh!t about No 5! A minister for the environment, travelling in the most eco-damaging way possible?!?!? :twisted:
  12. Typical Neue Arbeit tactics though to be honest!

    Roll on the General Election.... pity half the malinformed electorate will blindly vote as per usual.
  13. If BLiar can justify a free holiday to Egypt by claiming he had to attend a meeting with some Sheik then I hereby call a meeting of all interested Arrse Bandits in Melbourne Australia for next weekend. After an hours discussion of important affairs of state its down to the beach for beer and BBQ.

    Right all you crabs here is youir golden opportunity to make up for years of jacking us all around. Where is that Queens flight?
  14. Not that I like the feckers but - just to play Devils Advocate:

    If Govt Ministers and the Royals DIDN'T use these aircraft, what would be the cost of the unit given that the aircraft still have to be maintained and the aircrew still have to keep up their flying hours? Half the time they're just getting dizzy going around in circles doing touch-and-goes!
  15. The 125s are often used to fly senior officers to and from operational theatres.

    Like so many RAF ac, 32 Sqn's fleet is getting on a bit - the BAe146s entered service in 1986, and the 125s in 1983, so they've had good value from them.

    If they didn't have a Royal/VIP role both ac types could still be used, the 146s especially for short-haul movements. It would also be an ideal aeromed a/c, if only they'd bought the version with a door big enough for a stretcher!