PMs office fuels speculation of clean break

Lets hope so, but as with all things coming from the current gang at No10, i will not be holding my breath!

Downing Street prepared the way yesterday for Tony Blair to stand down as an MP at the next general election.

Mr Blair has already announced that he will not seek a fourth term as Prime Minister and is widely expected to hand over the Labour leadership to Gordon Brown within the next two years.

Senior Labour MPs are convinced that Mr Blair, 52, is looking for a senior role outside politics after he steps down as Prime Minister.

Quitting the Commons - a place that Mr Blair has never found particularly congenial - would leave him free to take on a new role, possibly with an international organisation or a multi-national company.
The Prime Minister's official spokesman issued a carefully worded statement yesterday in response to a newspaper report that Mr Blair had told his family and close political allies that he would stand down as MP for Sedgefield at the election, expected in 2009.

"If the Prime Minister was to make any announcement, it would be something he would discuss with his family and his constituents," the spokesman said.

"He hasn't had any of those discussions with his family or his constituents and it is not an issue he has turned his mind to."

The statement stopped short of a categorical denial that Mr Blair was planning a "clean break" from politics and was seen at Westminster as an attempt to leave open his options. If he had already decided to stay on as an MP after handing over to Mr Brown, the speculation that he intended to stand down would have been dismissed as "rubbish"....
Carlyle group anyone? :wink:

LOL , you beat me to it A_S . I thought European chairman of KBR might be schweet too :D
So he's off to claim his peices of silver from King George II for throughing Tom in the sh1t, The Brit Armed Forces,Tone's Pension fund.
It shows his utter contempt for democracy though, doesn't it? Once he has no power of his own he'll have no interest in Parliament at all.
OK, so let's get this straight...

"I'll hand over to Gordon before a 2nd election" (was that not "the deal"?)
"I'll not run for a 3rd election"
"I'll not serve a 3rd term"
"I'll resign mid-3rd term"
"I'll not contest a 4th election"

what next?

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