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Ever since that issue with us all getting banned from that cr@ppy Walt Forces site, 'theforcesinn dot com', I have taken umbrage.

Now it just so happens that I use Firefox and PMOG

PMOG is a pretty fun browser extension that allows you to create internet tours for browsing players, leave crates of goodies, build routes to your own favourite sites OR ATTACK THOSE SITES YOU DON'T LIKE WITH MINES!

Simply by browsing and going on other players tours, you get points, which can be exchanged for mines, armour, crates and various other things.

I have been engaged in my own little war with The Walt Inn in which I've been leaving mines for their members and players, and they've been actively countering my mine strikes.

It's all good fun, but I reckon we could completely swamp their shite site with mines and make their PMOG Walt experience cr@p every time they visit it.

If I need to get out more, feel free to tell me so. :D
You need to get out more, but if you're a gentleman, you won't. Only joking! For me the interweb thang has it's uses but getting techie is beyondo.

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