PMCs/Private Security Contractors and their staff

I've heard a lot about various PMCs in the media, both good and bad. For example I've heard that Blackwater have trained a few US military units, and of course I've heard about ex-SF bods working 'the circuit', but I've also heard about untrained (or semi-trained) nightclub bouncers working as BGs in high risk areas (obviously arming untrained idiots and sending them onto the streets of Bagdad is a touch on the dodgy side).

I was watching CNN this morning and there was an interview with Bob Shepherd who has just written a book about the subject, and it got me wondering.

What is the true situation? Are most private security operators well trained ex-squaddies, or are the numpties in the majority?

Have you worked for or alongside any PMCs? What were your impressions of them?

Any first hand experiences/anecdotes would be appreciated.

All the ones I have ever spoken to have been either ex forces from various countries, but mainly UK and US or ex US police.

They all seemed pretty switched on even if some of the guys from the US did appear a bit gung ho, nothing new there though is there? :wink:

None of them when asked admitted to being paid a small fortune. Their wage is very good considering the risks they take but not as massive as some would think.
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did have a bloke from blackwater call in, because he shot and killed his own 4x4 on route tampa.
quiller said:
did have a bloke from blackwater call in, because he shot and killed his own 4x4 on route tampa.
:? :lol: 8O

I'd like to have been there to watch your reaction, "Sorry boss, I can't make it on time as I shot my truck" :lol: Does he make a habit of that kind of thing?
Worked alongside them in 2006 in Iraq, we had several Security Teams at different sites, one site in particular was almost entirely U.S. bar one former German SF chap (Very Good!) and a handful of former SA Police/Military lads (Very Professional!) this was with Cochise, all were former Military or equivalent i.e. the SA Police guys, the longer in Country they were, the more Professional everything they did was, any newbies arriving were well and truly practised in the various drills and scrutinised in everything they did by their very experienced Team leaders, the shit hit the fan a couple of times and these lads proved every bit as good as a Military fire team - strictly only aimed shots and fire control was excellent.

You have to remember as bad as some of them may have been when they first started up, the majority have been at the shitty end of the stick out there for years! ending up more Battle hardened than the average Infantryman does in a career.

The Brit Teams - AG/Olive etc. are Top notch and highly respected by their U.S. counterparts, the best Team I worked with was a Team of SA Bush War hardened Vets to a man! their professionalism topped anything I had seen out there apart from Olive...

On the whole from the tiny % I witnessed, I would say an emphatic NO to the original question brought up in this thread, maybe earlier in late 2003 and 2004 many unprofessional/Gung Ho/cowboy types were employed but I think on a whole these seemed to have been sifted out as all the Teams I either worked with or heard about were extremely good at what they did... U.S./Brits/S. Africans/Germans alike...
I have been here since 2004 and initially there were some proper dodgy goings on, particularly with the likes of Custer Battles. As companies were getting contracts they would very quickly need to employ the manpower to fill it and there wasn't enough ex-squaddies around who wanted the jobs so anyone who applied generally got the job.

Much different now though with most UK companies having strict HR procedures and various practical tests for those lucky enough to get their CV past the vetting stage.

Pay averages 5 -7 grand a month for most companies, with very few if any on the 10 grand from the early days now. The packages normally include movements/accm/food etc and the all important insurance. The quality of life is affected by the contract too. I am lucky to be on a US contract so I get access to the DEFAC (Mess Hall) and I live in a single room with all mod cons including internet, so I have direct access to the family while away 24/7.

Internal recruiting in Iraq goes on a lot and the word gets about if your crap at the job so bluffers are weeded out quickly.

Some companies (EODT) employ a lot of Nigerians and other TCNs as they provide a higher profit ratio. The companies charge the same costs be it an expat or a TCN but pay TCNs about half that of an expat, but they are generally on static security positions.

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