PMCs being awarded campaign medals

Discussion in 'Weapons, Equipment & Rations' started by brandywine, Aug 3, 2010.

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  1. This is going to sound really bone, but are PMCs (i.e Private Military Contractors) eligible for campaign service medals we are issued on deployment to Herrick and Telic?

    Won't ask around my unit in case in case I'm in for a ripping apart
  2. Mr_Fingerz

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    Oh sweet baby Jesus.


    In your own time......

  3. Was told by the SPAMS DOD the answer was no. No idea how the MOD views it.
  4. Ask yourself why should they? were they serving themselves or their country? If you look really hard you've answered your own question.....PRIVATE Military Contractor.
  5. Dont understand why it's such a daft question. In some cases, we are awarded medals, for example the Iraq Reconstruction Service Medal is issued by the FCO to contractors engaged on the Iraq embassy contract (see halfway down this page: Control Risks | Careers)
  6. Please tell me you're not in the British Army.....
  7. Yes PMC's (Private Maintenace Companies) are awarded campaign medals. We had a civilian guy known as the Korean Poo Man who used to look after the $chitters. He had a rack of Gongs including the VD Scab & Bar, the Distinguished Racasan Medal with Andrex Leaf & the DSO (Distinguished Sanitary Order).

  8. and you are?

    Well then presumably you've read the CONDO (that's Contractors on Deployed Operations) and know that the short answer is "Yes" under certain circumstances.
  9. That covers it.
  10. The reconstruction medal isn't a campaign medal issued by the government to their service personnel though....or is it? I'm thinking the key words are military and contractor, could just be me though, I get confused easy
  11. If you worked directly for the Gvt in Iraq/Afghanistan ie for the FCO. For the required time period yes

    PMCs (CRG) work for the FCO, therefore yes. PMCs can pick up the gong

    there is loads on this shit use the search option
  12. And you can qualify for the Iraq Reconstruction Service Medal as a soldier as well, Monkeis mainly
  13. The simple answer is YES private contractors employed through MoD can qualify for campaign medals and military awards if deployed under the arrangements of CONDO(Contractors deployed on operations) There is a JSP/DCI or whatever you call it these days that covers the criteria. I am afraid the GIMP is incorrect as they do not deploy as part of FCO but as part of MoD with MoD ID cards.

    I left the Army after 25 years in 1999 (with GSM (NI) and UNFICYP medals. Since then I have deployed with Hiberna FM in Kosovo, and KBR in Iraq and Afghanistan and have been awarded and received the appropriate campaign medals which were legitimately issued by the MoD Medals Office. As an aside time spent on deployment as a civilian contractor under CONDO also counts towards the qualifying period for award of the ACSM (2 members of KBR who were both former servicemen were awarded ACSM at the end of last year as their KBR service in Afghan added to their regular Army time and meant that they were fully qualified.

    I stand by for the usual slagging of contractors and why should they get it when they dont do the same as us etc.
  14. learn summat new every day.
  15. Yes they can.

    I got the IRSM in 2006 working for AGI training the Iraqi Police. It was an FCO contract. Guys working on MOD contracts got the Telic medal.

    I also got the OSM for working in Afghanistan (on an MOD contract) as well as some NATO crap