Discussion in 'Juniors' started by DesktopCommando, Jun 1, 2013.

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  1. Just taken over as PMC, with no formal HO/TO nothing in place, thinking of prestige to get the mess on track, re-writing the Sgts mess rule to implement and enforce our own rules, to be proud of, and to place subordinates to envy.

    Would like Ideas that dont belong to the civi element or the naafi bar to attest to.

    Also Ideas to present to the members to gather support in functions.

  2. Right. I've read it. Can I go ppunch a civvy now? There's one over there that could do with a slapp
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  3. Real Mess or virtual Mess?
  4. PM me if you wish , but real one
  5. Best check QRs before you do anything dramatic and illegal. Remember you are running it on behalf of the boss and you should think long and hard before abandoning traditions that predecessors have worked hard for. On the other hand some things that go on have no place in the modern world: so fill your boots. If you make it a pleasant place to be it will be mobbed if not people will vote with their feet. Good Luck. Mitch
  6. If this is a Cpl's Mess your on about one massive issue I have seen in lots of units is invites of other ranks to functions. This works in both directions as some Cpl's have privates or seniors of partners and spouses. Maybe put it to the vote of what your mess would prefer and go from there as I have seen lots of poorly attended functions due to this or lots of whining from juniors.....when juniors do constantly whinge about functions though I found putting them on the next committee was a good idea to help me plan future functions to there liking