PMC work after enlistment?

Discussion in 'Join the Army - Regular Soldier Recruitment' started by London_native, Jun 18, 2010.

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  1. Im looking at joining a line infantry reg, just wandering from anybody who has done PMC work do they overlook line infantry in favour of Para, RM, SAS etc? And could you please give feedback on pay, contract lengths and time spent abroad working.

  2. The President of the Mess Committee (PMC) will normally be a Warrant Officer Class 2.
  3. Private military company. :D
  4. So you're obviously looking to make the Army a long term career aren't you?
  5. I was but from recent events it clear the politicians will try to make mince meat out of my aspirations at the earliest opportunity. To be honest i got to take care of my future F the politicians, I cant see it even if i wanted a full career them letting me achieve it. I have to think what am i going to do dont i? when the army is looking like an anorexic after more inevitable muscle slicing.
  6. I used to work for a notorious US firm that ended up being kicked out of Iraq, 99% of the guys I worked with back in 2003 were former Delta/Ranger/US Special Farces and they in the main were living proof that bigger is not better.

    A large part of getting work is a combination of who and what you know. All the reputable PMC's require you to have a minimum of two operational tours, throwing open the doors to the majority of former and current Infanteers. If you want to work in the UK you'll have to go down the SIA route.

    There are PMC's that use a bedrock of former Parachute Regiment/RM guys, but again if your good enough you'll get taken up.

    As PRT will testify the financial bubble burst for contractors a long time ago, and obviously the PMC's are aware of this. I earn comparative rates to those in AFG and Iraq despite being in the majority based in the UK with far less risk.

    Some firms look after the guys totally, others are run as profit and loss ventures, with you being fed the thinend of the wedge. This has a run on effect for everything from accomodation through to equipment.
    Rates in Iraq and Afghanistan are not what they were, and the risks are far greater than you'd realise.

    Whilst serving you have complete support from medical through to admin, when your working for a PMC nine times out of ten if you get yourself into the mire you have to get yourself out of the mire. Contracts will be won and lost over dinner and employment contracts in this world mean nothing.
  7. Thanks alot for the information very helpful.
  8. If your looking to join the Army purely to get the tick in the box to attempt to get into a PMC then I suggest that you forget it right now.

    If your joining the Army then I suggest the only contract you worry about is your first four years, concentrate on getting through training and becoming a decent Soldier within your unit and living your life there before you worry about doing PMC work after your time in.
  9. I hate shite like this and I'm well aware it's beneath me to post but it really licks my balls and quite frankly pisses all over what blokes are doing right now, makes it seem like a minor thing prior to getting a real job, so why don't you just **** off.
  10. Short answer yes you will be overlooked. However the people you will mostly be overlooked by wont be the royal marines or paras, the people who will be considered first are the SAS, SBS, SFSG, SRR etc or the equivalent from other countries.

    The good news is when you have spent enough time in the infantry you can apply to join the special forces which will allow you to join the better PMC's.

    You can of course join one without special forces training but the chances of it being a reputable one such as blackwater(xe) is highly unlikely, possible but unlikely.

    So my advice if you want to do this is join the infantry then the SAS or equivalent before trying to join a PMC.

    Source: I am also interested in this and have done extensive research into this and what i have said is the generally held belief by people who know what they're talking about.
  12. Also unless this si some kind of wah, youre career advice seems to overlook the obvious hurdle of having to undertake and pass UKSFSC.
  13. Sounds like a might do, may do ,got nothing better to do than post shite type of walt in the making.Fc*kk off and join the girl guides.
  14. Wah. You are Tim Spicer and I claim the £5.
  15. The army is not a stepping stone for another career, its a career in itself. Your choice of doing this is disrespectful to the serving soldiers. sailors and airman that put themselves in harms way. Plus if you did do SF route you will get found out and then the circuit will be closed to you.

    I would personally join the army as martin7606 suggested and put your time in. CP is not glamourous, nor is it highly paid. Its long hrs, waiting, planning and recce work. You will end up working for an arrogant boss who does not care about you.

    The reason why service people do well in these PMC jobs is that they have spent the time being fucked about pillar to post. They demonstrate admin, tact and tenaciousness something you have to learn the hard way. Most of us live one day at a time, what you are suggesting is that you can plan.

    Me and my mate were offered work for a firm in Iraq, he left and is now fighting to get back in the mob. The grass is not always greener. The work has dried up and I have seen PMC escorted at the airhead in Baghdad back on the next flight out.

    Seriously consider your options, there are other alternate routes for a dedicated and ambitious person, Paras, marines, Police, MOD Police,