Not yet, but then I haven't insulted her yet.

If she takes it up the hoop I might consider her request...:twisted:

Who is she anyway?
She is quite infamous on this site, but I am not going to comment as I will prob. end up looking at a lawsuit.

edited to say, although I'm not using this from my home address and my sign-up details are about three years out of date!
Not yet - but I heard she might have to speak to the Tax man soon. Or whoever that lovely lady was that rang her from the Inland Rev last night to tell her about a discrepancy........ :lol:
Nothing for me as yet..but, how can the truth be an insult???
Dear Sarah, please stay away from the site. Your talk about tumours is not appreciated. There are a lot of people on arrse who have lost people to cancer, after having tumours, I wasn't that lucky. My mum died last year without even knowing she had tumours. So give it a rest, go away.

Yours, Dale.
I sent the stupid cow that tonight. Beanz has plenty more to add. I will leave it to her to tell you.

Sluggy x
i've had a couple of pm's tonight, and those of you who klnow my history will understand why i'm so touchy about her lies and attention seeking.

i've had enough of her pretending, i find it insulting and cheap. not to mention nasty considering how many people she has insulted with this behaviour.
her justification for pming me was "i wanted the truth"

my reply to her was as follows

you are incapable of telling the truth troll, now BACK OFF

I AM NOT, REPEAT NOT INTERESTED in anything you have to say!

is there nothing that can be done to get this vacuous, vile piece of excrement away from us
If she kicks off again, she will need an operation, and it won't be for a tumour.

"Had an accident in the last 3 years?" Call someone who cares.


I lost my farther to cancer, I take serious exception to her lies and I was not impressed about her tumour confession in chat the other night.

There has to be something very wrong with a person to pretend to be seriously ill like that.
Goku said:
There has to be something very wrong with a person to pretend to be seriously ill like that.
Possibly caused by an undiagnosed tumour? I'm a big fan of poetic justice myself.

She's probably just very lonely or a complete cnut.

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