PM wont attend Cooks funeral

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Agent_Smith, Aug 9, 2005.

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  1. It gets more and more like the soprano's by the day. :D

  2. Ahh, near-simultaneous postings, but I was too slow!

    Bliar won't be leaving his holiday in the Caribbean (where's a tropical hurricane when you need one - can I be locked up for saying that yet?) to attend the late MP's funeral.

    I suppose , if he did attend, the results would make a Mafia funeral look staightforward and uncomplicated!

    As the former Bishop of Edinburgh Richard Holloway is leading the service, Bliar would probably have an uncomfortable time of it if he did turn up, given the clergyman's trenchant views on morality and world affairs.

    How safe a Liabour seat is Livingston? It may be the case that it was a Cook stronghold and not a Liabour one? The by-election could produce an embarrasing swing and may even result in the loss of the seat. Cook had a majority of 13,000 so the loss of the seat may not be likely, but stranger things have happened
  3. The nickname 'Teflon Don' has never been so appropriate! :D
  4. Bliar and the ginger one hardly parted on the best of terms though.
  5. For security reasons Tony doesn't wish it to be known that he has been in a mexe shelter on a Scottish hillside, venturing out only to pat the back of a former colleague. Pity he was on the top of that cliff.

    Would Tony be welcome ????. Even the former Mrs Cook said she'd like to go but it was down to the Widow Cook to decide.
  6. "I come to bury Cook rather than to praise him - actually, I'm not going to do either, I'll stay in the Carribean instead." (Mark) Antony Blair

    I completely endorse the sentiment that it should have been Bliar (whose ticker is apparently held together by gaffer tape, if you believe him when he wants to) rather than the Member for Livingston.