PM will listen to Army demands

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by PE4rocks, Jul 17, 2009.

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  1. Same old, same old;


    ...then do precisely nothing, no doubt.

    This smacks of classic 'Yes Prime Minister', "We have to say something..."
  2. You can bet your last penny that this is nothing more than lip service.
    Wait a couple of months and see if anything has changed, it won't have.
    Just like all the initiatives to help industry through the recession where nothing has actually been done other than announce grand plans.

    It means jack-shit coming from that creature
  3. mysteron

    mysteron LE Book Reviewer


    What sort of crass twaaaaaaaaaaaaaat would say that when we know he is lying? Oh, that's right - that twaaaat Mandelson.

  4. Business secretary Lord Mandelson said the general's views on troops' equipment requirements would be taken "very seriously".

    That seems very much like "With all due respect...." meaning you dont deserve respect

    And "I hear what you're saying.." ...but dont give a shi...
  5. Can everybody demand he shoots himself if he asks what our demands are please
  6. Could someone just remind when we deployed on operations and again what teflon tony said then and then and would have expected his chancellor to fund...

    The chancellor at the time was some One Eyed jock cnut i believe how cut the investment in MOD operational requirement forecasts also.

    And can someone please ram something between mandlebums eye's say old school 7.62...
  7. mysteron

    mysteron LE Book Reviewer

    At something akin to 600m/s please.
  8. For what it's worth,ditto all the above :!:
  9. Huuu haaa. Him Brown fella velli funni man. Him make velli money riting dramma an' dead series for telly. Like aktor before him better ritin' series "Minder" but more like life like he know it fück people bad.

  10. ...which would imply that the PM has up to now been taking decisions without military advice :?

    It is comforting to think that the PM is probably being 'advised' in this matter by Mandelson, whose attitude to the Armed Forces leaves much to be desired.
  11. Downing Street says the PM will take decisions in "light of military advice" and review troop levels with allies.

    He might just realise that he has been rumbled. McDoom, in his wildest fantasies of his 'Pythonesque-Yes-Prime-Minister' thought processes has realised that the...'Country is Angry!!'

    Two courses of action - to make good on his statements.....Or revert to Liarbor 'SOPS' - do nothing. Spout much, yadder and blether much for public consumption, but do nothing!!

    The first actions are more than likely. The 'Standard Course of Action' of Do Nothing with a general election in less than a year just might galvanise McDoom out of his hole under Number Ten. But then, he might just try and turn his attention on the Military and try to engage his Spin Doctors in negative campaign against current Senior Military figures.
    So don't hold your breath....... Actions will speak louder than words.... Wait and see!!
  12. Yeaaaah Right - he is really gonna listen to the demands of the Generals?

    He said he would listen to the people when he got drubbed in 3 by elections, he said he was listening when he got drubbed in the local and european elections.

    The PM isnt only visually impaired, but there is a disconnect between his ears and that lump of muscle he calls his brain.

    He never listens to anyone except Mandy, who probably has the negatives of pictures of Gordon giving Tony a BJ.

    Dont forget he is just about to pi*s off on holiday for nearly 3 months, dont expect anything to be listened to.
  13. Maybe Mandleson has suggested that if mcBroon pretends to listen, maybe people will leave him alone. Same reason Blair kept smiling.