PM: We must be prepared to act if the atrocities continue in Libya...

Discussion in 'Syria, Mali, Libya, Middle East & North Africa' started by django_strikes, Mar 9, 2011.

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  1. Really Mr cameron - what will we react with, or are you just standing beside Obama and letting him commit?
  2. Why do we need to act? for the last 200 years the British have "acted" - read that as pushing its finest young men into danger.

    We ended Thuggery, put down the slave trade, intorduced democracy, ended despitic rule and bought law and order to two thirds of the world. All it got us was a shedload of hate from a bunch of ungrateful assholes.

    Let them knock themselves around. Introduce new laws to stop any refugees from the conflict arriving in the UK, then sit back with popcorn and watch them go at it. In fact, sell them some of the tools of the trade, but be fair and sell to both sides.

    Trust me, we will get more thanks for keeping out of it.
  3. Before any leader decides to "act" on this or any other complicated civil war situation, they should be required to pass an exam detailing the various factions.
  4. Dont you mean FRACTIONS? The ability to do basic maths to realise we dont have the assets would be nice.
  5. Oh, for fcuk's sake...Cameron's obviously come down with Blair's Disease. The main symptom of which is an uncontrollable urge to piss away money and the lives of British soldiers in a foreign country trying to "save" a bunch of inbred, subhuman, ungrateful bastards who would'nt piss on us to put out the fires cause by a suicide bomber!


    Dear PM: you were elected to defend and protect the people of this nation. Not a bunch of worthless untermenchen thousands of miles away. I don't give a fcuk about the morality of the situation. I don't care how many Libyans die. If you send British troops in, not only will some of them die, you also increase the chances of terrorist attacks in the UK.

    The road to Hell is paved with good intentions, Mr Cameron. Go there if you wish but don' take anyone else with you.
  6. Wow someone who talks sense amen to that shit right there also the fact that the media is reporting masive redundacies on a daily basis leaves one to wonder if we do envolve ourselves with libya then we wont have an army left after its all said and done or do the coalition have some spare cash for this one that they havent told us about....hmmm me thinks not. alwas the same old story send the boys in hit their familes where it hurts finacially to pay for war then wen alls said and done kick the young lads to the curb...jeez "coalition" more like "demolition" and while im on the subject if cleggy and cameron like blair and brown care so much for democracy around the globe aint it time the lads went to zimbabwe to sort mugabe out slaughering his own like its going out of fashion?? oh yeh silly me there no oil in zimbabwe....what a joke
  7. I'm with you on this one mate!


  8. Barry gets the popcorn, I'll bring the beer...Rodney, could you get some hotdogs? And plenty of mustard, please.
  9. While I agree that perhaps we should not be running in to augment regime change, historically it has not worked out that well for us, I can understand the need to act. Let us be fair, this is just a warning order not a declaration of action.

    The tension that is being caused by the Libyan bash is having an effect with fuel prices climbing which in turn are impacting on a number of other areas such as inflation, the financial markets and the generally fragile economic situation that the world finds itself in.

    Let us not lie to ourselves, I suspect that posters on this board could name 10 battalions of infantry that are currently not committed to operations (be it actually deployed or warned off to deploy), equally there will be a number of support arms and service support arms in a similar position.

    I couldn't tell you what our strategic reach capability is, but I dare say a contracted flight of CIVAIR to Cyprus would not be overly difficult to come by. If it were a NATO lead, then a shared response in terms of logisitcal support can be planned on.

    Given the possible side effects of a protracted and bloody conflict in that country, of which these side effects do affect the interests of the UK and its people, perhaps a more even handed approach should be looked at. The ball has started rolling, the UN Mandates are forming, blockades are being placed, but these in their own right do not a situation change. Any country will need to back it up with a bit of punch or at least some form of stabilisation before it spreads across the continent and affects your take home pay...
  10. Act with what, Mr I mean Cameron?
  11. Naval/air support miht be a problem until 2020...
  12. Hmm... you forget I am American, we do not have even a quarter of our combat power deployed or otherwise engaged at the moment. However, just because we have the capability doesn't mean we should employ it before all other avenues have been explored. Putting boots on the ground in Libya will have the effect of pissing off half the population there...
  13. Its Africa, its a matter for the African Union. fcuk all to do with us.
  14. And those who are saying 'Where is Obama?'
    Cameron by these atrocities is setting himself up for intervention, preparing the ground. If the rebels had manged to do the job then fine, but they haven't and western governments have come out in support of the rebels so what would they say or do if Gadaffi regains control?
    Nope they have to make sure he goes but that democracy reigns and the islamics don't control the oil or take over a country on the opposite side of the med to us.
    Just as they successfully did in Iraq.
  15. He wants to watch out in case Libya goes tits up and Ghaddafi kicks **** out of the rebels. Our petrol prices might just **** off into orbit then.