PM unveils plans to mark 75 years since VE Day

With 75 days to go to the 75th anniversary of VE Day, Prime Minister Boris Johnson has announced the UK Government’s plans for the commemorations.

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Nice to see that VJ Day appears not to have been forgotten. To what extent it will be remembered remains to be seen though.
Any chance of a commemorative bombing raid on Berlin or Dresden?.
We could arrange a B-29 flight on VJ Day. Would that do? :?

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VE Day was the closing of a highly significant chapter, but not the end. Given the current state of economic uncertainty, and the amount of work the government should be getting on with this year, would it not be more resource effective to have a single ceremony to mark the end of WWII rather than doing it all twice over, as XIV Army and the BPF were still in the thick of it on VE Day, and post that date more British troops were to be sent to Asia for the invasion of Japan?


Not remotely interested in VE Day Parties. The generation that did their part in the war is in their 90s. VE Day where I live seems to be about Boomers wanting to act like The Great Generation.

There’s also something obscene about so vigorously celebrating VE Day when the UK’s hive Idiocy is forcing us out of Europe.

The generation that won that war is passing into history, and the way to remember that war is with remembrance, not awful parties with awful clothes and awful music.

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