PM To Face Claims Of MoD Cuts At Iraq Inquiry Today

Gordon Brown will face tough questions about claims he starved the armed forces of money when he appears at an official inquiry into the Iraq war today.

Army denied vital equipment in Iraq and Afghanistan, claims former SAS head
British troops were deprived of the right equipment to fight wars in Iraq and Afghanistan and were still being hampered by a lack of resources, the former head of special forces has claimed. In a withering assessment of the “doomed” state of the military, the recently retired Lt Gen Sir Graeme Lamb said that the SAS had been denied even Vietnam-era equipment that could have saved lives.

Resources remained insufficient to fight current and future conflicts, with much of the Army’s equipment “either broken or lacking”, he warned.
Sir Graeme’s attack, in a speech to senior officers, is disclosed as Gordon Brown faces questions at the Chilcot Inquiry into the Iraq war.

The inquiry has been told that the Armed Forces were forced to cope without a wide range of equipment because of a lack of funds from the Treasury when Mr Brown was chancellor.
Another retired General, telling it as it is, after he got out & his pension was safe.

I'd have had more respect for him if he'd said that when he was in, & his job was at stake.
And on the BBC, a few minute about GB at the Iraq Inquiry, saying he did all he could to fund us....

What really grips me is that he got about 30 secs of coverage on the Beeb.

What reassures me is that he got 30 secs of coverage on the Beeb, therefore he is irrelevant?

Sadly, the former - the Beeb, is clearly biased in favour of giving GB, the former Chancellor of the Exchequer, the holder of the purse strings, who ensured that we went to war with no body armour, then ensured we carried on in Snatch LR, with minimal protection - oh, and then helped us crack in on Afghan with 3 helicopters and a dog......
Bottler@Chilcot didn't even feature on tonight's Any Questions on Radio4, that's how big a non-event it was. Perhaps this was The Bottler's intention.

They were all being very gentle with Dear Leader, McBalloon. I'm sure at one point Gordo stated... "My Troops..!" Did I hear right? If so, oh dear me!! 8O

A Freudian Slip, or an indication that McBalloon is more than a tad disconnected from reality..... his political head is jamned so far up somewhere "Where the Sun don't Shine!"

His appearance was a 'Non Event' of the day.... not that many folks wanted to take up the chance of a ticket for this. Mr Gordo even tried to take over the procedings, but was politely put in his place. He was asked one question 3 times, and he stll didn't answer it....... :crazy:

The man is a fraud........ It really was a case of the Officer saying.... "Move along please ladies and gentlemen... there really is nothing to see..!"

He'll be hunkered down in Number Ten polishing his New Labour Turds again tonight....!

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