PM thanks military personnel for Olympics role

Discussion in 'Royal Navy' started by MoD_RSS, Jul 27, 2012.

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  2. As he should!

    And he could rely on them getting there, unlike the G4S fiasco; and hasn't even needed to bribe them to go to work, unlike the tube, bus and rail people, and even the Boris Bike staff, all getting handouts for doing their jobs!
  3. Paleface speaks with forked tongue.
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  4. How thankful is he in pounds and pence?
  5. Yes, thanks lads and lasses, the country owes you a debt.

    Heh heh heh easy!
  6. Oh dear. Remember what happened the last time?
  7. Agree words are cheap.

    Why not acredit every member of HMF taking part with the SIA licence?

    If every member of G4S needs it why don't the Armed forces?
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  8. .
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  9. Cheers losers!

    Now get back on the shit pile, I've got rich foreign pals to pay off.

    Lots of love, your friend,


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  10. No, thank you prime minister !
  11. During a visit to HMS Ocean, which is moored on the Thames, Prime Minister David Cameron paid tribute to all the military personnel on duty over the Olympic period, before handing out the P45's and annoucing the paying off of OCEAN.

    There, fixed that for you
  12. "Never before have so many been shafted by so few for so less".
  13. I've just finished as a Volunteer Team Leader in Security working mostly on Stratford Gate with MoD men and women. As the days passed it became more and more difficult to recruit volunteers for any gate not staffed by the MoD. The Volunteers loved working with you all. Almost without exception you were all cheery, polite, efficient and a lot were just ******* gorgeous. THANK YOU.
  14. Ill bet G4S end up paying the square root of **** all as a penalty for their incompetence.