PM Speaks out over Staged Pay/Unions etc

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by hellfyyr, Aug 30, 2007.

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  1. PM finally speaks out on something controversial...

    Apparently he is tacking inflation but does not realise that unless wages go up the ability to buy a house etc will be affected.

    I believe he has made his first mistake here as he is admitting to being part of the past ten years of Neu Arbeit (and its mistakes).

    I know this is dealing with the Prison officers strikes but as you can see this will annoy all public sector workers.

    I hope someone uses this against him...
  2. Does anyone get the same sense as me, that Broon's honeymoon period is well and truly over?
  3. in_the_cheapseats

    in_the_cheapseats LE Moderator

    I agree

    I'm just waiting for the Nurses to come out too. Don't think they are too impressed with either the % they have been given, the staging of it or the fact that the Scottish nurses got the whole lot in one go.
  4. Put your money on an Autumn election. He MUST know that he couldn't survive an election after a 'Winter of Discontent'. If Cameron grows a set of balls it might even be an interesting campaign.
  5. Where's a Tory when you need one...
  6. I think Ben's case really got to a lot of people. The military community knows how much Brown has screwed it. Also think he must have really annoyed the Americans for the unheard of criticism in the last 2 weeks.

    House prices are heading South, this really bothers voters.

    Even Cameron is trying to sound like a Tory.

    I reckon things might just unravel this winter. He doesn't really have anyone to help him. Bunch of technocrats devoid of fun or personality. I was staggered by the sight (and sound), of Bob Ainsworth on C4 news the other night.

    Could be an entertaining few months.
  7. I like his argument that by paying 20,000 people a 2.5% pay increase (many of which are below the national average income anyway) will cause increase in inflation in a nation with 60,000,000 plus occupants and an annual GDP of over 1 Trillion GBP (1,000,000,000,000).

    Assume every prison officer earns an average of 30,000 quid (reality is about 25k). 2.5% of 30,000 is 750 quid. Times that by 20,000 prison officers and the annual bill increase is 15,000,000 quid.

    As part of GDP= 0.00015% A really significant amount I think you can all agree. As a percentage of goverment spending it is around 0.003%.

    But of course they deserve to be shafted. They wear uniforms. They detain criminals and are part of the 'establishment' that Liarbour despises. Far better to spend the money increasing the amount of lesbian outreach workers in Islington who will vote Liarbour.

    The nurses etc can bugger off: they have seen their pay rocket through the roof under Liarbour and have done nothing to deserve it in the last 3-5 years (patients dying of hospital diseases like MRSA, MSSA, etc) thanks to their refusal to follow basic hygiene regimes.
  8. in_the_cheapseats

    in_the_cheapseats LE Moderator

    Hat on, lad! You is going to get a kicking for that one :D
  9. It's the million people in the NHS he's scared of, and all the people he's hired to deal with means-tested Tax Credits. It's alright buying votes wehn they're cheap, and people want a job, but what do you do when the price goes up?

    We either get an election, or he's going to have to declare war on someone to distract us all. Trouble is, we haven't got that many soldiers spare at the moment, and anyway, what did Liechtenstein ever do to us?
  10. I think you'll find it's everywhere but england... But don't worry, the Gov just offered an extra £36 a year... I've said this before, but does the Gov realize that if they got the NHS and MOD votes onside then they'd win every election going!! Or am I talking non-sense?

    T C
  11. Trouble is that under Labour Big Government has ruled over the past 10 years so that we now have huge numbers of (badly paid it must be said) public sector employees: just under 5.8 MILLION and a lot of them with axes to grind.

    Yes, Gordon, payback time always will arrive at the worst moment. You blew up the spending to buy jobs and votes and now here comes the pain.

    Broon is trying to hold all Public Sector pay increases down and an extra £750 each would cost another £4.35 BILLION. Of course we give in excess of that away each year in "International Aid" and spend a great deal more on bollox projects, aircraft we do not really need whilst not spending on ones we really do , etc,etc but never mind all that. The well is dry.

    A winter of discontent? Oh yes.
  12. elovabloke

    elovabloke LE Moderator

    Can someone remind me - what did the MP's give themself this year along with our senior civil servants, senior officers & judges (good move taking the PO to court) and was it staged?
  13. I agree! His government inherited a situation where attempts had been made to reduce the public sector wage bill (had wobbled a bit under an unpopular John Major) and the unions had been broken. He had a golden economic gift which he had also inherited so what to do:

    I know:

    We could buy a shed load of short term (let's say two elected terms) feelgood by letting unions build back up (they had paid us into office) and giving out a load of non-jobs (quangos, increased Treasury staff, pretend Policemen, NHS Administrators, council staff etc).

  14. Another ill informed member of the public, believing all the government hype diverting attention away from their under funding & all the good work that is being done in the NHS.

    Rocketing wage, stop me while I fall about laughing.

    Band 5 mid range is £22000. Band 5 nurses account for just over 70% of the nursing work force. Hardily high paid.
  15. Apparently, if an early election is called their could be an issue with voters as the next electoral poll is not published until December. Up to 1 mill voters due to moves etc could be affected. Heard on 5 Live on the way home and will try and find a link