PM signs long term partnership with Afghanistan - Are we making progress?

Discussion in 'Afghanistan' started by gladwda, Jan 28, 2012.

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  1. Transcript: PM and President Karzai Press Conference - Number 10

    What was interesting to take from this were his points on helmand province specifically. That incidents overall were significantly lower and that we were 'making an impact.'

    We're due out in a year or two, do you think we really have made a difference or is this pandering for a wind down?

    I'd point out of the four set objectives of the UN resolution to go in the first place:
    - Establish the rule of law
    - Disrupt the poppy trade
    - improve access to medical aid and education
    - Create jobs based on economic principles of agriculture etc
    (paraphrased obviously)

    Essentially I'd say that outside of Kabul we've more or less failed on every one of those, or could we argue that the mere fact that this disunited, tribal country, having had a central government established where those four statements are arguably successful - means we actually have pulled off a win?
  2. Veteran ITV news anchorman Sandy Gall has been covering Afghanistan since the Soviet an interview in The Observer this weekend ( he has a book to sell) he takes the long view....

    For those who may not have seen:
    Sandy Gall: 'I fear Afghanistan will become like Vietnam' | From the Observer | The Observer