PM sent...

Now, correct me if I've got this wrong, but 'PM' means 'Private Message'. And I also understand that if you are fortunate to receive one, a little window will open saying "You lucky chap - someone has sent you a PM! Wanna open it?" or words to that effect.

So why on earth does certain sort of person feel the need to post 'PM sent' on threads, usually coupled to a smiley just to really overdo it.

Am I missing the point here? Or is it simply the action of an Attention Whore?
Check your PMs :)


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You got pms?
Everyone knows that the reason you say "Mate, check PMs" is because when the thread is called "Looking for Cpl D**** S******* or smidge of 22 SAS" it makes you sound like you pose for family snaps with your face obscured.


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The reason why one posts up a 'PM Sent' with a wink or smile, is to make veryone else feel jealous that they are not part of that particular conversation, that it's a bit hush, hush, and that they are in the 'losers club'.

Check your PMs Biped, you have a new, uber-secret message, reserved for your eyes only, but for gawd's sake, don't let on to the plebs what you are talking to yourself about. :)
I don't get a popup box whoen I get a PM - can someone PM me about how to get it?
If you send on to some of our east European friends do you have to post:-

"Czech PMs" ??

I'll get my coat if you order me a taxi for one :oops:

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