PM: Recession will test character of the British people

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Tremaine, Dec 29, 2008.

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  1. Honey, I shrunk the Economy

    Prime minister tells British public that the government will be a 'rock of stability' as we slide into recession and businesses flounder. What about all those people heading down to the Jobcentre in the New Year? And what about those new Bailiff powers and mooted social fund interest Mr Brown?

    He calls on the British people to summon the same patriotic and optimistic spirit that guided them though second world war, as he warns that 2009 will be a year of grave "danger", uncertainty and "enormous economic challenge". The British public has been charged with the task of supporting the economy with their consumer spending, property purchases and debt servicing. Sadly, thanks to falling wages due to the current deflationary depression, the British public will likely not be able to continue to float the economy.
  2. I recall certain leaders swinging from lamposts during WW2, now that I could get behind.
  3. You know he has no more ridiculous "spend your way out of the recession" ideas when he falls back on the "test of character" bullsh1t.... or maybe that's just my wishful thinking.

    I did notice he's making a lot of comparisons between him and WW2 leaders, mainly churchill... this fat idiot doesn't seriously think he's viewed in the same way by the public surely?? I'm so tempted to go Lee Harvey Oswald on his ass... at least then i'd know i'd done at least one thing constructive in my life.
  4. the_boy_syrup

    the_boy_syrup LE Book Reviewer

    The only two things history will record he has in common with Churchill are :
    They were both unelected Prime Ministers
    They both got kicked out the first chance the public had to vote

    Although Winston did ok by this country
  5. Winnie was eventully elected in 1951.
  6. the_boy_syrup

    the_boy_syrup LE Book Reviewer

    Correct I ment in the WW2 capacity that Brown seems to think he is now in the middle off :wink:
  7. Yes, the Banks gave us an excellent example of British character.

    Me me me me me , I'm all right Jack , F**k you.

    I'll stifle a yawn when Darling gets tore in to those self-serving b*stards.

    There is no point Brown asking us to adopt a stiff upper lip , when the population is game, but those at the top are not.
  8. Possibly or it could just be the fact that he's fucked the economy up and he trying to get people to be brave (i.e. stop blaming him).
  9. I for one hate all the 'brown says' news pieces. brown comments on gaza, brown comments on education, brown comments on bear #2-ing in the woods ........ his media team are so desperate to keep him in the public eye that they are trying anything.

    he is a weak leader, he doesn't deserve the job and the sooner this government is gone the better. no ammount of 'media management' will change that.
  10. I´ll keep it simple.

    Man´s a cnut. And most of the rest of them.

    I take it MPs will be tightening their belts and NOT putting in inflated expenses this year?

    Perhaps they´ll be part of the consumer crusade and spend lavish amounts of their OWN money on their second houses?
  11. gordon gets us into crisis with spend spend spend
    gordon tells us were in a crisis cos of spend spend spend
    gordon tells he will get us out of crisis with spend spend spend

    thanks, useful.....
  12. Unfortunately Neville Chamberlain gets a rough dealing from history. He was no idiological appeaser. He recognised the danger. He also recognised that the deliberate running down of Britian's forces left him with no options. He was willing to go as far as possible to preserve the peace. He fought in the Great War and so knew how bad a war would be. He never trusted Hitler, but recognised that Britain needed time. Without that time we wold not have been able to start reparing the damage done to the forces of over 10 years of deliberate neglect.

    Once war broke out he was outspoken in his view that nothing less than total war was needed against Hitler. Unfortunately he died early on in the war. IMO had be survived his reputation, while still tarnished as a result of Munich would be much better.

    However, getting back to the main point of this thread. Brown should be hanged like the traitors of the Second World War were.
  13. Someone told me that the Spirit of the Blitz was all a carefully crafted piece of propaganda. In reality, the East End suffered from more looting and crime during WW2 than any other time in its history. The play-do faced cnut is at the end of the road with nowhere to go.... we're doomed (again).
  14. The British character fell on its arse long ago, thanks to the nanny state, controls and the welfare system that encouraged people to sit on their backsides.

    The small areas were this character remains (i.e the armed forces) doesn't really give a fuck about the recession.

    Am I the only one who is glad to see many people get their fingers burnt after all their greed!

    Sir Winston Churchill was the first statesman to be given a state funeral in the 20th century.

    A BBC survey in January 2000 voted Sir Winston the greatest British prime minister of the 20th century. BBC viewers and users voted him the greatest Briton in November 2002.

    "The honour of a state funeral is usually reserved for the Sovereign as Head of State and the current or past consort."

    "Upon his death the Queen granted him the honour of a state funeral, which saw one of the largest assemblies of statesmen in the world."

    It be grave to merely mention Gordon Brown and Winston Churchill in the same sentence.
    Churchill will never be forgotten.... in 18 months everyone will have fogotten who Brown is.... a complete failure. And whats more... every time Brown walks into the House of Commons there's a nice big statue of Churchill to remind him of how he'll never amount to anything more than a complete sell-out.

    When one reads the various websites covering Churchill, it almost berings tears to see how Britiain has declined over the past 60 years.