PM problems

I find that I am unable to send PMs to certain luminaries on this means; the message appears to 'stick' in the outbox. I can receive PMs from the same people.

The problem remains whether I am using Mac/Firefox or Windoze/IE. Any ideas?
Any PMs will stay in your outbox until the recipient reads it.
If they don't log in or check their PMs for a while it will remain in your outbox.


ditto and to add those PM's stuck in the outbox seem to eventualy send themselves, just not when I try to send them.
Does BFG9000's post not answer this? They stay in the outbox until the target reads it, or have you sent a PM, know that it has been read and the message is still in the outbox?
BFG's post does answer the question, thanks. I was in the process of typing an answer to the first post, when BFG posted the answer.

so thats as clear as mud then :wink:
OK. A bit confusing I admit, and I thought the same to start with, but now you know!
Seems to work OK for me. What happens exactly? Do you see the image tag code but not the image? Or doesn't the button do anything? It seems to be a javascript popup, so you may need to check you've got javascript enabled.
everytime I got to copy and image, it selects as usual but doesnt appear ont he creen. also the same happens with smilies etc. having to do them manually usuing keyboard, but can only do these :) :)
I'm getting a real run around today. Firstly a whinge; if you're going to post in a board called PM problems about something totally different please tell me so that I don't f uck around chasing the wrong problem. Whinge over.

Now a test: /images/adverts/arrsejob.gif :D :) :( :eek: :lol: 8) :twisted: :p
Could you check you have javascript enabled, and if not let me know your browser and version (help, about), and I'll try and duplicate the error, because as you can see it works fine for me, and there's loads of others with pictures in their posts.
Moodybitch said:
The images button doesnt worjk on the thread post reply thing so cant stick pics on posts.
Not exactly articulate - but I did state on thread posts not PM, RTFQ Good CO before you spit your dummy at me. :)

Oh the underline thing is fcuked too ;)

edited by GCO
I'm going to make a prediction that this is a total and utter red herring, and a 30 second read of the help pages would have saved me a lot of time and a lot of PMs.

BB Code (underlinig etc):

If you want smilies you should use the "post reply" button rather than the abbreviated quick reply form at the bottom of each page. I admit it doesn't say that on the quick reply form.
No probs - BTW my red herring comment refers to the stuff about underlining and so on posted by Moodybitch, rather than the PM one.
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