PM Plans Troop Surge To Afghanistan

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Skynet, Jul 12, 2009.

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  1. PM Plans Troop Surge To Afghanistan
    Sunday, July 12, 2009

    Thousands more troops could be sent to Afghanistan within months under an emergency review of the UK mission being carried out by the Ministry of Defence.

    The news of a possible troop surge comes after eight British soldiers were killed within 24 hours, leading to fresh calls from senior military and political figures for urgent reinforcements - and an end to Treasury constraints on spending on the Afghan war.

    Fifteen British soldiers have died during the first 11 days of July, with the total of 184 deaths surpassing the 179 killed in Iraq. Two of the soldiers who died on Thursday have been named as Daniel Hume, 22, from 4th Bn, The Rifles, and John Brackpool of the Prince of Wales's Company, 1st Bn Welsh Guards, who would have celebrated his 28th birthday yesterday.

    Private Brackpool, a father-of-one, died from a gunshot wound following a battle near Lashkar Gah with insurgents who attacked a compound seized as part of Operation Panther's Claw, a major offensive against the Taliban. He was described by his platoon commander, Lieutenant Dave Harris, as a "genuine, compassionate and likeable man" who had given his life protecting his comrades. The parents of Rifleman Hume, killed in an explosion while on foot patrol near Nad-e-Ali in Helmand province, last night said that their son had "found his place in the world." "Daniel passed out of Catterick as top recruit and since joining the army he was the happiest we had known him," said Adrian and Wendy Hume. "He believed in what the British army was trying to achieve and was confident. He was proud to serve his country and was planning to move battalion when he returned, so that he could guarantee a speedy return to Afghanistan. We have lost a son and a best friend. His death has left a huge void in our lives. We are fiercely proud of him.
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  2. Which is fine if we as a nation had the following:

    a. Sufficient ready cash in the Treasury to pay for, and sustain such an operation for the long term.

    b. Sufficient troops who we can deploy without breaking harmony guidelines or the armed forces as whole.

    We lack both, but since when has reality got in the way of our glorious leaders day?
  3. he still believes he is the best man for the job so that speaks volumes on his grasp of reality. :p
  4. SKY NEWS had a report about this then reported that Goon was on BFBS saying he was not sending more troops.

    Typical cnuts not having a clue to whats going on. :evil:
  5. Well said Jim 30, are the Brass Hats getting more concerned about a loss of influence in the region, and rather less concerned with the considerable increase in severe injuries and deaths that would follow a ramping up of the Afg Op without the support of helicopters and adequately armoured vehicles?
  6. they are overwhelmed by the ill feeling they are faced with at home.

    when times are hard look after themselves and their own.

    they are willing to piss away a generation to the dole queues and out of sight out of mind for our lads out there... oh but they do go and visit to show their faces....its a shame for disicpline as id love to see what the welsh or the rifles would do to them about now.

    f**k me theres a pay per view event :evil:
  7. Never going to happen, would require political leadership of which Labour/Brown are incapable of
  8. Oh we are in a right fcuking mess
  9. watch out for rats as the ship goes down ;)
  10. :evil: SPIN SPIN

    For at least the last 6 months there has been a public plan in place to SURGE TROOPS in for the AFGHAN ELECTIONS in AUG!!!!!

    That is not a surge but a short term pre-planned increase, just like the Summer Season in N.I used to be.
  11. 'PM plans troops surge....'.

    'Clown' Brown PLAN ? What happened to the back of the fag packet?

    If this dishonest man told me that 'black was black and that white was white' I would NEVER believe him.
  12. The problem in Afghanistan appears to be one of strategy,overlaid with the equipment/manpower problems.Taking ground(eg Lash Kagar) and then withdrawing,defies a basic principle of war.Then having to retake it again,must be doing soldiers heads in.If we do not have the troops/lift capacity,why attack major Taliban centres-and then withdraw? It smacks of ''politics'' by people with NO operational experience.
  13. We're not as wealthy a nation as we once were, especially now with so many unemployed on the dole rather than paying taxes, however there is still a rather large pie and the army doesn't get nearly as large a slice as it ought to. Military funding is less than 1% of our great nation's GDP, a shadow of a fraction of most other nations. If the army had more funding, it may well sweeten the deal sufficiently for new recruits and re-joining veterans to swell our depleted ranks to where they ought to be.
    To summarise, its not that we're poor, it's that Labour doesn't think its worth it.