PM Olmert about ME conflict

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by KGB_resident, Jun 6, 2007.

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    Bravo, mr.Olmert! Very good. I sincerely hope that long awaited peace will come to Israel rather sooner than later.

    I invate our friend Arik to support mr.Olmert. He is a wise statesman btw.
  2. Ok, so let's start with the territory annexed by the wall. Let's do the newest and most resented thing first , then work backwards.

    If you start with 1967 borders, they'll still be talking when my grandchildren are dust.

    It is some small encouragement, and perhaps a sign that Israel see the days of their unconditional US backing coming to a close.

    Maybe Olmhert should double his bodyguard detail. After all , the last Israeli Hero to proclaim such an initative and worth 50 Olmherts was gunned down in front of his wife.

    I look forward to Condispellingmistake getting off her arse and capitalising on this now.
  3. Looks as if something might be happening but suggesting a massive overload of commonsense is about to happen might be over-egging the pudding. This problem won't be sorted quickly and your are of course correct PTP - better send Olmert the arrse thread on MP7's!
  4. PTP, I have one serious advantage. As a former Pravda-newspaper reader I was trained to read between strings and I have read much more than actually has been written.

    The wall? It awaits the fate of Berlin wall. Now we should support all forces inside Israel that want true peace on a base of pre-1967 borders.