PM offers to sleep with journalists' wives

Tony, I have a cunning plan.......... :twisted:


The Romanian Prime Minister is offering to sleep with the wives and girlfriends of journalists on a Romanian newspaper to stop them claiming he is gay.

Adrian Nastase, who is also a candidate in this weekend's presidential run off elections, made the offer after being asked by reporters about rumours a local newspaper was to out him as gay.

Nastase said: "I am not afraid of the threat of any sexual scandal created by a certain newspaper that criticises me every day anyway.

"If people from Evenimentul Zilei newspaper want me to prove to them that I have no homosexual inclinations, I will test all their wives and girlfriends to show them where my preferences really are."

Evenimentul Zilei responded by writing: "We are very worried about the health of Nastase, who appears to be on the verge of a nervous breakdown in the light of his recent tasteless statements." End Quote


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