PM - Mentally Ill

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Winstanley, Sep 10, 2009.

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  1. The internet is awash with rumours that the PM is seriously ill - mentally and, to some extent, physically. Apparently, according to rumours, he is on very strong anti-depressants. This, it is said, explains some of his weird behaviour. Some consolation!

    Have a look at the blog - Guido Fawkes. Follow the various links.

    Time for Gordo to go?
  2. Its old news, rumours have been rife for many months about his mental capability.

    Until there is an election or one of his own knife's him in the back we are unfortunately stuck with him.
  3. My bold amendment.
  4. Time for Guido to grow up, more like.

    "The new evidence offered is that a civil service circulated dietary restrictions list is said to be of the kind required for someone on MAOI medication".

    Oh Lord!
  5. I think it goes without saying that he is without doubt mentally ill. He has sold off our gold, sold off our electricty companies to the frogs, jumping when ever the US shouts jump, taxing us to high heaven, giving 800 million to India for its poor when India would rather spend its money on space exploration and even thinking that borrowing mega amounts of money will get us out of the recession. He is either mentally ill or dedicated to the destruction of the UK....whichever, he needs to go through traiters gate along with Blair.
  6. So even you aren't denying it then Ashie? :D
  7. I think that you may have missed the thread Is 'Gordon actually mad?' posted on the Intelligence Cell? In 5 pages, most have agreed that he is indeed a raving lunatic.
  8. what links ?
  9. Awww Ashie is still sore about Guido's revelations about Gordons Smear unit which he announced at Easter, still Gordon wasnt involved in that one - so he says.

    Doctors have analysed the list of restricted foodstuffs that are routinely sent to places where he will eat, and come up with the fact that he (Gordon) is on strong drugs to counter depression. Frankly he should do us all a favour and take an overdose on them.....
  10. Fact-free bob posts another fact-free post.

    As you would know if you had ever been anywhere near a VIP, lists of dietary requirements are routine.

    "Doctors have analysed the list .......and come up with the fact"

    Priceless! Are the Docs related to you, fact-free?
  11. Are you suggesting that the peoples saviour has always been a bit of a mentalist or that it is more of a recent thing?
  12. Like you, I have no knowledge of the PM's head. But I can spot a dirty-tricks campaign at a few feet. Damian McBride was an amateur compared to the Tory noise machine.
  13. Dirty Tricks, more likely New Labour method of ditching their disastrous leader at or just after the Party Conference. A touch of softening the "blow" to the country when he has to stand down on "health grounds"
  14. Last year, a Mind investigation found that large numbers of politicians and staff were forced to hide mental health problems, with 19% of MPs, 17% of Peers and 45% of staff reporting personal experience of mental health difficulties. And in 2001, the Norwegian Prime Minister Kjell Magne Bondevik outed himself as a person with depression, and was subsequently elected for a second term.
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