PM meets Muslims shocker!

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Proximo, Jul 19, 2005.

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  1. In what is shure to be a great demonstration of hot air, vim and vitriol and arrse, the BBC (and everyone else) report this:

    Hang on a second - just read that last line again. Would we have sat down with the Catholic Falls Road community to discuss a 'fairer deal' for Catholics? No! Is it just me, or does this look like the 'Muslim community' (who are all devoted Brits remember) are using the atrocity to further their own ends? Doesn't this look uncannily like the 'Muslim community' are blackmailing the Government?
  2. yeap, it sounds precisely like that. however yuo wont find any of the mass media drawing that obvious conclusion as they can't possibly say sensible things, people would shout "racism". Bloody PC nonesense.
  3. I don't understand why the government needs to compensate the victims of the bombs? Surely the medical is paid for on the NHS, as is the psycological (councelling etc). Any posessions will be covered by home insurance or whatever. What more do they need? May seem liek a hartless comment, but i do get annoyed by the way that everybody seems to want/get handouts that they don't really need!!!

  4. No, you lot. The idea is to stop young Muslims being exposed to to extremist and radical preaching thus preventing them from turning into into walking bombs. We can only do this if we talk to the Muslim leaders who feel the same way as they are the only ones (let's face it) who can spot the nutters and do something about it before it corrupts. It was Downing Street who requested and organised the meeting. I hate all this PC crap as much as anyone here but this isn't the case here.
  5. I think this is about the existing Criminal Injuries Compensation Scheme.
  6. Top name sir!! :lol:
  7. Some random comments:

    Good to see some sense being spoken...I like the last comment - it's a no-brainer but no less true for all that!
  8. Read a recent article in the Times supplement, making the argument that why should we tiptoe around Islam for fear of making offence, when we are actually the injured party and are subjected to abuse, threats and 'racism' from Muslims.

    An interesting article, in particular I was interested to note that prior to the bombings, anyone writing such an article would have (a) not been published, and (b) been vilified by the wider PC press.
  9. So what's happened to NORMAL political protest? I know that it rarely achieves much (quiet conversations in smoke-filled rooms and all that) but it's how we British vent our spleens.
  10. PM meets muslims, so he can work out how to keep the muslim vote for the Labour party. This involves the PM bending over backwards to do anything muslims want.

    The PM and the muslims both want to see the end of "Britain" and "Britishness".

    The PM and muslims will discuss why the infidels of Britain forced muslims to become bombers.
  11. And to avoid ridicule he signs on here as 'armourer'
  12. well said infidel pig. :D
  13. deleted by me as opposed to a MOD, there's a first then :D
  14. Meeting of Muslim "elders" & liar Blair.
    Some comments from muslims.......

    Radical Muslims dismissed the meeting as a sham and even some moderates said they were suspicious of Blair's agenda.

    "The whole focus has been on trying to put the blame on Islam and the Muslim leadership," said Ahmed Versi, editor of the Muslim News, Britain's biggest selling Muslim newspaper.

    He said there was "deep concern" in the Muslim community "about how far Blair may try and impose some kind of secular interpretation of Islam in his declared aim of helping Muslims to find a 'moderate and true voice'.

    "Anjem Choudary, said Tuesday's meeting at Downing Street was an irrelevance.

    "The type of so-called Muslims at this meeting are those who toe the government line," he said. "They are the lackeys of the British government. They're the ones who have been appointed by Tony Blair to be the official voice of the Muslims."

    He said the country would inevitably be attacked again by Islamist militants if it refused to change its foreign policy in Iraq, the Middle East and Kashmir.

    So meeting not quite as good as liar Blair says.
  15. What was deleted Bungla old chap ?.