PM intervenes to block pay rise for......Prisoners!

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by TheBigUn, Apr 30, 2008.

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  1. In todays Torygraph:

  2. Funny that, Brown makes a commom sense decision which will be widely backed by the majority of the public just before local elections are held across the UK.
    I despise the conservative-Eton boy toffs, but I feel that the English public have a short memory and a Tory government is just around the corner.

    Does anyone else get the impression that Brown hates being PM?
  3. quote:
    Does anyone else get the impression that Brown hates being PM?[/quote]

    what Brown hates is being held to account for his actions.
  4. Agreed. It's a lot harder to pull one of his patented vanishing acts when things go pear shaped when you're the one in charge of things. Of course you can always just throw a junior minister or two to the lions aka. the press but that hardly seems to work any more.
  5. Definitely nothing to do with the elections being held today!

    PS: Cameron was subjected to the usual rudeness by Humphrys on the Home Service, whilst Brown was allowed to give an uninterrupted party political broadcast. When is the BBC going to be 'sorted'?
  6. Broon got his battering yesterday.
  7. The interview yesterday morning didn't sound like a PPB! Broon's most oft spoken word were " Sorry, John...etc, etc" He apologised for himself for the entire interview! He was skewered.
  8. It seems commonplace to automatically opose anyones payrise but their own.