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PM Inbox

I will add this to the things to do, it's a bug that we have to periodically bodge to cure until the software writers solve the problem - meanwhile READ BEFORE POSTING!
Maybe related, three days ago every time I logged-in and then every time when to a page or refreshed, a compressed box opened which when expanded stated: "The URL that you requested, /cpgn2/Forums/viewforum/index.php?name=Private_Messages&file=index&mode=newpm, could not be found. Perhaps you either mistyped the URL or we have a broken link.

We have logged this error and will correct the problem if it is a broken link."

Three days on after some surious clicking it turns out I had a PM - sent yes, three days earlier. No doubt the ARRSE system has been charged - yet again - in the interests of improvement. Personally, the old PM notification system worked well for me and - IF IT WORKS DON'T FIX IT

No9 - we haven't changed anything to do with the PM system although there is obviously a problem and thanks for letting me know, although the little stab at the end had succeeding in pis5ing me off you'll be pleased to hear. I can't tell you how much I love evenings of trying to keep this secure and bug free and little comments of appreciation like that are great for morale.

Anyway, I would be grateful if you could decide whether it is in fact broken or not, as I obviously don't want to annoy you by trying to fix it.
Sorry to have pis5ed you off GCO, I was under the impression that only happened if someone/me sent you a PM? However, I probably totally wrong, but, I really do remember a strap at the top of the page that stated ‘you have 0 (whatever) messages’. Then suddenly it disappeared – or so I though? To save keep going to Messages to see, on the very rare occasion, I might have one, there appeared a tickable option box to have a flash appear when I had a PM. I have now unticked this, the ‘you have X messages’ has not reappeared, so I have to conclude that I will only know when I have a message if I go to Messages and check???

Personally, and I’m probably the only one, I’d rather have ‘you have x messages’ on page top than all the other ‘things’ which I never, ever use, but no doubt everybody else does.


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