PM Gordon Brown to end early prison release

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by beemer007, Feb 14, 2010.

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  1. Apologise if already posted,

    Desperate times require desperate measures on behalf of this lame spineless Government, call me a cynic but is'nt it a bit late for the 'grab the votes' ploy to win over the Labour voters :roll:

    Even though the Tories had mentioned this a while back, now GB wants to steal their thunder, I'm just waiting on a state of emergency to delay the GE :x
  2. Auld-Yin

    Auld-Yin LE Reviewer Book Reviewer Reviews Editor

    When Teflon Tony came into power he just took over the Tory policies, tweaked them ever so slightly and called them New Labour policies - so no change with Broon taking current Tory policies.
  3. Down and out WAFFLE-BULLSHIT and crap(in my view), by the way,is there an election due?.
  4. Once again "Talks Cheap" remember "Education,education,education" another load of bollocks
  5. Remain calm...Lord Chancellor Mandelson loves you...the Fingermen stand ready in the night to do violance on those who would harm Big Gordon... :twisted:

    TBH, my first reaction on hearing that the UK Threat Level had been raised a few weeks back was, "Fcuk me, has noone told these cnuts that V for Vendetta is a comic book, not an instruction manual?!" 8O
  6. FFS They have the three health spoksmen from the three parties on the BBC now talking about a meeting that the three had earlier in the week,well its hard to believe that they were all at the same meeting, the three of them would make Joseph Geobels proud talk about mindless propergander
  7. Would this be the government who wrote to Judges asking them not to lock Criminals up. Also my memory has given me a nudge saying didn't they release a load of Criminals early to free up space?
  8. What he said.
  9. :p :p PM is another slimey charactor, btw: Fixed it Wolf

    Assisting the RBS/Kraft with their loans to buy out Cadbury, I know Cadbury's long term future was shackey but PM reminds me of Gerald Kaufman

    Remember 'spitting image'?

    As for the threat levels, well don't get me started on that one :?
  10. They interviewed one of the writers from Spitting Image on the box a while back and he said that showing the House of Commons on tele had killed Spitting as it showed just how stupid our leaders realy are,and that iff he had writen what the MPs realy get up to, would have spent the rest of his life fighting court cases
  11. maguire

    maguire LE Book Reviewer

    pathetic... after years of clamoring for things like this (and not forgetting increasing compensation to those injured on ops) and being completely ignored, with an election a matter of weeks away and his popularity lower than whale poo at the bottom of the sea, suddenly colostomy brown finds it an urgent matter to be dealt with asap.

    vote buying, anyone? or am I being too cynical?
  12. Totally agree maguire & to be honest I'm expecting much more of these statements/announcements the closer to the GE we get.

    Remember Labour are relying (not soley of course) on the fickle & welfare/immigrants to keep them in power, i'm past being cynical.
  13. Wrong question, old boy. The correct question is; am I cynical enough. :twisted:

    The only reason I'm not predicting some kind of "terrorist spectacular" that will give Brown and Mandelson an excuse to use emergancy powers is I doubt Brown has the guts and/or the competance to arrange something of that magnitude. Like everything else he tries, it would probably turn to sh1t.

    The one who scares me is Mandelson. I believe him to be a ruthless, intelligent sociopath. He is, IMHO, far more dangerous than Brown. :evil:
  14. Brown is a psychotic oaf who is totally under the thrall of Mandelson.

    When will we be told what Mandelson has 'on' Brown and the other numb-wits in the government that, out of the blue, he arises from well-paid obscurity to take control of the government and the country?

    You are quite right 'Werewolf', M is bloody dangerous and his ruthlessness is matched only by his devious mind.

    I have been posting for some time that we have a very good chance of the General Election being 'postponed' indefinitely due to a state of 'national emergency'.
  15. Face aft and salute!!!!!!!