PM failure

I type up the PM, press send and it goes to my outbox and just sits there - never actually sends and eventually just disappears off the system. I have tried marking it and saving it, and it doesn't save either. Odd.


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Sits in your outbox until the recipient picks it up mate. Transfers to your sentbox after that. Don't want to pee on your chips but it sounds like the person you're PMing is just deleting it without reading.
GreenSlime said:
Ahh, I see! Snubbed eh!
Yeah, leave me alone.

It's any consolation, I still have "3 new messages" showing, when blatantly, no-one likes me.

Copper the helium thief, can you pm me please? My bloody computer is kicking off and I know you fixed it last time by some clever jiggery pokery type stylee thang. I'll let you steal my beans xx

Oh, and it will mean I will have 4 new messages.

Sluggy, bereft of helium in her Barbie balloon xxx
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