PM Cameron to appear on US David Letterman show

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by beemer007, Sep 26, 2012.

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  1. Apologise if already done, however if Boris struggled does CMD think he can do even better?

    So why is Cameron doing it? According to Downing Street, the PM wants to use the goodwill from the Olympics to "bang the drum" for British business and, presumably, tourism. It's commendable that he would take political risks to make the most of what the Olympics offered the UK

    Can Cameron survive The Late Show? | Talking Politics - Yahoo! News UK
  2. I can't think why Cameron would even consider appearing on a lib-tard wankfest like the Letterman Show. The people who are likely to watch are here in America and they don't have a vote in the UK elections. The people who do have a vote in the next election probably won't see it unless it all goes pear-shaped - and then the video will go "viral" on You Tube to the detriment of the Tory Party's chances at the next election. I think Call Me Dave didn't do his sums right if you ask me. ;-) Just because The Chimp has been on Letterman is not a recommendation for other politicians to follow his example.

    [News Flash: Barack Hussein Obama, IS NOT, HAS NEVER BEEN, and WILL NEVER BE "my president.". I did not vote for him in the 2008 election and I will not vote for him in November. He needs to go.]

    Ugly Obozo.jpg
  3. I can see there being a youtube sensation from this as metioned above - probably a song that will end up in the top 40. I like buttery biscuit base kind of thing
  4. CMD is on a personal sales pitch a la Blair. It's a cold world. He's putting together the pension plan for 2015. There's a niche after-dinner speakers vibrant market to be won over.
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  5. I always thought Letterman had no class.
  6. According to the tabloids he's doing this because his pal Boris appeared on the show in question. He'll probably put the trip on his next expense sheet as "work related as I don't want Boris to get my job".
  7. It seems J5 No10 Downing St (FU spin Ops) hadn't predicted the Games would be so successful. They were hedging their bets. Suddenly it's bigger than Ben Herr - Maggy's Falklands. And PM Cunteron has missed the boat. Or has he?
    With Boris sticking the boot into the other cnut whose name escapes me, Boris is on the ascendancy.
  8. At least Boris has a personality.
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  9. Yes, Mr Dave has probably taken a leaf out B'Liars book as regards the fiscally lucrative After Dinner Big Speaks Circuit in the States. But then for those with more Cash than sense, they must have sad boring lives to want to listen to the dribblings of Mr D, or Doc McRuin in years to come.
  10. Maybe CMD is going to try doing something like this:

    Remember how it was the "Paul Tsongas Juggernaut" for the Dems up till Billary did that?
  11. I remember seeing that show. Arsenio Hall; I believe was the host. At least Clinton has some chops and could really play the saxophone. And he wasn't president yet; he was just a hopeful candidate. ;-) The Chump, on the other hand, even as president seems to cadge as many invitations to appear on entertainment television shows as he can get; The Tonight Show, David Letterman, Conan O'Brien, Piers Morgan, The View ad nauseum. I'm sorry, but I don't want a fucking entertainer as the leader of my country; I want somebody with gravitas who is going to be taken seriously in the world. Somebody who would actually stop spending money we don't have would be a plus too.

    Maybe CMD can take a leaf from Boris' book and get himself noticed by appearing on Letterman's show. Maybe he could bring his ukulele and do a quick buck and wing a la George Formby. (I'd actually stay up to see that. 8) )

    George Formby.jpg
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  12. I liked Boris's 'helpful' advice for CMD; that he shouldn't try to prepare answers. Probably in the knowledge that the PM functions best when he can do some groundwork. I do get the feeling that Boris would have known the literal translation of Magna Carta though...
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  13. He definitely failed the pop quiz!
  14. Boris comes off as your likeable buffoon! And yes, I do like him better than CMD. Not that it matters since I am a "Yank!"