PM Bos 96??????

Discussion in 'AGC, RAPTC and SASC' started by Unknown_Callsign, Mar 5, 2008.

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  1. Any RMP remember the name of the CO who was the theatre PM in Bos in 96, All I can remember that he was a complete t**t and an even bigger liability.
  2. Well that has narrowed it down!
  3. OK then, he was a tall Cnut with a tash
  4. All Monkies were a fukcing liability in Boz! :p
  5. Examples? Or just talk?
  6. ooh, no sense of humour or observational skills on this forum!

    :p = joking
  7. Bah! I was looking forward to some good ones
  8. Remembering persec of course, are you talking about the one with the double barrelled name? Col C*******-B**** by any chance?
  9. Name like a Rucksack? D.....d B....n I think is the man you mean??
  10. Aaahh, that DB. What a pompous pr1ck of the highest order he was. I had the misfortune of working with him at Herford in 1993-4. I always remember him commenting to a royal "lady in waiting" who was on a recce. She had called him a soldeierr and his reply to her was words to the effect of:

    "A soldier, not ma'am, I am an orficer"

    More like a class one Orafice.

  11. I recal a certain Capt R------ T----s who was the OIC out there in 94, the man who would not allow any troops to bring home 'souvenirs' that had officially been FFE'd only to get caught himself trying to 'smuggle' an artillery shell through customs on the way home (that had not been cleared!). T1T

    Which reminds me of the absolutely barking SSgt out there then, SSgt C---- B---s, what a guy, I could write a book on his antics especially the way he went round Bos in a peackeeping role making his driver N--- J---e carry not only his rifle and a pistol but with a flipping GPMG box fed ammo attached! They guy was legendary! Shame he got hit by a truck on the A303 whilst cycling, mmm I wonder if there was an RMP driving that truck....
  12. I do remember quite a tasty RMP sergeant chick in the Metal Factory in Jan/Feb 96 (I had been on tour for 3 months so she might have been just ok 8) ) - she liked coming into the ops room wearing a t-shirt and no bra - great set of jubblies. She must have known the inf lads were gagging for her, the minx! :wink:
  13. Are you sure she was a RMP Sgt? If so I missed her on my radar! At that time there was a lovely little blond RMP Officer (Capt?), but with a voice my colleague described as being “like a needle being dragged across your favourite record”!!
  14. Check PMs. Not sure if we've worked together.
  15. RCT - she was defo a Sgt and was a brunette. I remember seeing her in the Sewing Machine factory as well as the Metal Factory. I don't remeber seeing any RMP Ruperts - not even in Split