PM answers tough questions

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by spike7451, Jan 12, 2007.

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  1. spike7451

    spike7451 RIP

    I saw a bit of this on the news,bLair was being grilled by a Ex-Squaddie (R Marine I think) & bLair was looking decidedly 'uneasy'.El Presidente had that 'mouth suddenly goes dry & indigestion sets in' look.It'd be funny if it was'n so serious.Anyway,I found the link on the MoD oracle here;

    PM Answers Tough Defence Questions

    Friday, January 12, 2007

    Source: Defence News

    The discussion was hosted by West Country Live for ITV. The panel included Former Chief of the General Staff General Sir Michael Rose, former soldier Justin Smith and serving Royal Marine Brigadier Andy Salmon.

    The full transcript is as follows: .....

    That is right. Tony Blair, you sent me to Iraq in 2003, with respect without the right kit. I had to purchase my own boots, I went out there with one pair of desert combats, I then went there in 2004/2005, obviously the kit was there, and it was there, but on return I have been diagnosed with severe post traumatic stress disorder. I have been medically discharged in August last year. I have lost my house, my security, any self-belief of getting on and getting better. I have had to fight tooth and nail with local authorities to get relocated to the west country where my wife is from and my biggest support network is. I am now living in temporary accommodation that is forcing me to go to work, rather than concentrating on meself getting better, and I want to know what the government is going to do so this gets stopped from other people suffering the same as me.

    Prime Minister, this is shameful, this should not happen, people who serve their country?

    First of all, I obviously don�t know enough about the individual circumstances. I am very happy to look into them for you and to see what provision there is, because I know there is supposed to be, and I am sure there is, a lot of provision for people who are medically discharged.

    There isn�t. I have had to go to the NHS, my community psychiatric nurse has gone to the NHS to try and get funding for me to go and see a private therapist, called the red poppy. The NHS have said they will pay �200 and I have to fund another �50 myself, which I can�t afford and I am having to go to people like the British Legion as a proud man and get the extra funding to support me.

    As I say, look the difficulty is, because obviously I don�t know enough about the circumstances, I am very happy to look into it for you and to find out both what help is available, and if you have received no help I am very sorry about that. But I know that �

    But Prime Minister Justin�s case isn�t alone. Perhaps you can tell us John Pentreath from the British Legion, about the sort of �

    It is not just Justin, I could give you hundreds of examples of people like Justin who are not being properly looked after by the MOD�s duty of care post-service. Justin is a perfect example of somebody who had to leave the Army with a mental health problem, PTSD, fell into Cornwall where he wanted to live because of his wife�s roots in Cornwall, great difficulty getting accommodation � NHS, and the NHS, with great respect to them, don�t have a fantastic idea about what is going on in the mind of a recently discharged soldier with a serious mental health problem. That is the problem.

    Just a minute, let�s hear the Prime Minister on this, because you know people serve their country and we have a duty to provide what is needed in the aftermath.

    Well first we do have a duty of care, and to people like Justin, but I am surprised if there has been no attempt to help people like him or people in that position at all.

    If you go back and ask your civil servants afterwards what you are doing about it, they will say combat stress, which in itself is a charity, albeit supported to an extent by the Ministry of Defence, and I think by the British Legion as well and probably other sources, but that is the answer to PTSD in this country, which is pitiful.

    Is this something you are going to look into?

    Yes I will certainly look into it for you, and I will look into Justin�s case specifically. It is difficult, as I say, for me to talk about individual cases but you are saying this is a general problem and I am very happy to look into it.

    Your views...
  2. "...and once looked into I shall forget."

    Or is that too cynical?

  3. If only our dear leader didnt live in a Potemkin world he would know this is a general problem along with the rest of the underfund underspend and overuse problems that have been created :x :evil: :evil: :x
  4. To give you my truly honest view you'd probably have to move it to the naafi....

    He will give it the attention for a week before ordering it to be 'prioritised' to the bottom of the heap. In order to address a problem you have to acknowledge it is a problem. I hope the pressure is maintained and this slimey git is made to squirm time and time again until a proper solution is put in place.
  5. I believe him, I think his problem is he charges after problem after problem and never really finishes anything properly.
  6. I don't suppose the MOD closing the military hospitals and specifically the psychiatric facilities set up to deal with service personnel helped. Could Bliar and his aparatchiks explain that one away - I think not.

    Is this one for the BAFF to add its weight to on behalf of Justin, along with the RBL, combat Stress etc?
  7. TB "I will see that this goes into my float file for my successor to deal with. As he has repeatedly and recently shown he really cares about the armed forces. Now who wants to see my pictures from Florida? This is me and robin..that's Robin with Cherie..."
  8. Trouble is, the lying bustard(sorry, I mean of course our Dear Leader) actually believes that what he promises to do, will really happen. Of course, it's a rare occasion that he visits the planet Earth from his cloud cuckoo land.
    Me, cynical, whatever makes you say that.
  9. Rayc

    Rayc RIP

    The lack of care for servicemen is indeed an eyeopener for me.

    It is difficult to believe that an a soldier is left on his own to fend for himself!

    Very callous an attitude of the powers that be.

    Here in India, we are covered for all ailments and it matters not how much it costs the government and that also includes the ex servicemen, their families as also their parents.

    I feel very sorry for the British servicemen who are putting their lives on the line in Iraq and Afghanistan.

    I congratulate the British servicemen for their stoic and grit to carry on in spite of bad service conditions, if indeed Justin is an example of medical care for British servicemen!

    Can't believe it that he had to buy his own boots, either!
  10. The welfare benefits available to serving and former members of the Indian Army and their families are indeed impressive and ought to shame the Government of this, the world's fourth largest economy!

    It is indeed a remarkable comparison.

    Regards and best wishes
  11. spike7451

    spike7451 RIP

    Where I work now,I have a few co-workers from India,mainly Kerala province.From what I've learnt from chatting to them,India has far better care for their countrymen than the UK does.
  12. To be fair he did help out the victims of `Mad Cow` disease,but only after the parents of one of the victims sent him a video;Maybe now that he´s aware of the problem he can react accordingly,it would certainly boost his popularity amongst the forces for very little cost.

    I shall not be holding my breath :oops: