PM announces new formation to deploy to Afghanistan

Not sure if this has been picked up yet?
It seems our dear leader betrayed his military knowledge during PMQ's on Wednesday, when he announced the impending deployment to Afghanistan of "16th Airborne".
Sshurely some mistake there Gordon, or have you now been given authority to deploy American formations on behalf of Queen and Country?
Hello slipperman,

I believe this was picked up yesterday on another thread.

Cheers tango - have you a link, as I couldn't find it?


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Odo_de_StAmand said:
I thought they were reforming the FANY.....

I'm sure that Poppy will correct me if I'm wrong, but the First Aid Nursing Yeomanry has never been disbanded.
16th Airborne - What do you expect from a stupid fat trostkyite ****.

16 AA Bde - Best of luck lads.

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