PM Announces Fund For Taliban Soldiers

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by dangerousdave, Jan 28, 2010.

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  1. Sorry, but has someone missed something here?

    What about money for our troops?
    What's to stop the Taliban taking the money and buying arms to use against us etc?
    Do they really think Taliban fighters are interested in money over religon?????
    8O :?

    "Gordon Brown has announced an international fund to reintegrate Afghan Taliban soldiers

    He is meeting with President Hamid Karzai and high-profile delegates from 69 countries for crucial talks on Afghanistan.

    United Nations secretary general Ban Ki Moon and US secretary of state Hillary Clinton are among those present.

    Mr Brown announced: "As an international community responding to President Karzai's leadership, we are today establishing an international trust fund to finance this peace and re-integration programme to provide an economic alternative to those who have none.

    "But for those insurgents who refuse to accept the conditions for re-integration, we have no choice but to pursue them militarily."
  2. Browns just a ©unt says it all really
  3. Maybe he thinks we can't win this war anymore, so why not try and buy them off and make a fast exit? 8O
  4. Like has been said, they're religious fruitcakes who are unable to listen to reason because they're driven by some fu©ked up translation of some book that was written by someone smoking weed thousands of years ago and then translated, adapted and re-printed to suit the persons own agenda through time - bit like all religion really..... sorry off on a tangent :)

    Edited for mong spelling
  5. I just give up with Brown, is he deliberately trying to bankrupt Britain before he goes or is he just a tw4t with long arms in other peoples pockets? How much is he giving away now? If we;re giving them money to re-integrate, then pull the forces out now!!
  6. Money is a very effective non-kinetic weapon.

    For many insurgents, its is all about money. Afghanistan is the 4th poorest country in the world. Its a pretty good deal to get $10 a day to fix roads rather than $5 to fire pot shots at ISAF.
  7. If it's aimed at the ones who're only fighting us because the Taliban pay them to, then it's a good thing. Market forces at work.

    The Ten-Dollar variety certainly are. They're a widely-recognised phenomenon and you'll find much of the Afghan-related brain-work on this forum has gone towards finding ways to provide them other opportunities to make a living.

    The trick to this scheme, like in every other aspect of COIN, lies in telling the baddies from the goodies and the why-don't-you-all-just-leave-us-in-peace-ies.
  8. Bouillabaisse

    Bouillabaisse LE Book Reviewer

    Do you want the war to go on for the next 30 years or would you like it to end sometime? If the latter then we have to get the talib to stop fighting. If we want to persuade a bloke who's getting paid and fed for fighting to stop fighting we have to help get him somewhere to live and a job worth doing. That costs money.

    A strategy of "buying off" individuals in a rebel organisation works. You peel off the uncommitted, the frightened and the fed up and you leave a small body of fanatics lacking in support who you hunt down and kill.

    And if you don't think it works you might look at US operations in Iraq over the last few years.
  9. Until you get the scenario where Mr Taliban head shed asks why he's no longer fighting the infidels and "are you one of them?" and either threatens to shoot them or does shoot them as a deterent!
  10. He (and the international community) are trying to appeal to Afghans who couldn't really give a shit about the Taliban but are against the goverment of Afghanistan and decided to join the Taliban for that reason. They are not Al-Qaeda and could possibly be persuaded in not attacking ISAF.

    Whether or not it will work is another thing.
  11. FAINTS
  12. Do you think he will pay them expenses?
  13. Or better still, $15 a day to do both...
  14. Iraq has hardly stopped has it - how many bombings have there been since the majority of forces pulled out? we still hear often of the bad ones as they are "news worthy", the others continue daily. you can't buy off a suicide bomber now can you - their head is well and truely up their crack!!
  15. normal afghan dosent have a job.

    ! idea ! ...............join taliban , then get free cash/property for converting.

    how many people may think like this !