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Discussion in 'Health and Fitness' started by randomboy99, May 1, 2009.

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  1. hi guys, new to the site so bare with me, basically ive got my entry date in august to start training in catterick, but have this random problem with my right knee, i dont know what it is yet, shin splints, sprain or cartilage damage (hoping its not that) but am quite worried about going to the doctors because i dont want it showing up on my medical and maybe getting deffered, can anyone give me advice if they will defer me for going to the doctors and finding out what it is? any help would be great cos id rather run my right leg off than get deffered, been waiting so long for this and the army is pretty much my life, cheeeers.
  2. Why don't you just go to the Doctor. There are no psychically qualified people on Arrse.

    Better to go and get it sorted by a PROFESSIONAL, before it becomes a liability to you or the men you serve alongside.
  3. Go to your Doctors, getting it sorted out now is better than hiding it and it becoming a major problem later on.
    Hiding it on entry and getting found out and you end up being classed as Defect on Enlistment.

    oh and post any more in the right thread as found here AFTER reading the stickies.
  4. yeah i get what your saying, and dont worry i wouldnt risk making things bad for the people i serve with, its just ive been waiting so long for training i would hate to wait longer, i just wanna know if they would defer me even if they thought there was something wrong and there wasnt, it was just me worrying about the worse case scenerio
  5. Go see a physio. Not a doctor. tell physio not to write to GP saying your having treatment. They just want cash anyway. Simple. Its what I do.
  6. thanks jk, im gonna head down tommorow to see a private one, ******* timing absolutely sucks! think it was these crappy shoes i ran with for about 2 months or the table i dropped on my leg or all the running haha, as you can tell its pretty hard to judge it myself been ******* googling the hell out of my computer but theres so many things it could be.
  7. I bet your bottom dollar you have ITBS as do I, Check my "Runners Knee" thread pal.
  8. ummm whats that? and how can i check your threads?m im kinda new to forums, cheers
  9. nevermind i figured it out for myself clever boy eh lol,
    what kind of pain in your knee do you have, cos mine is kinda like a dull ache, its getting better with time but i dont wanna risk running on it even tho i bought some shiny new shoes to try out hehe.
  10. i will have you know thanks to the army i am highly qualified. my level 1 working with others holds pride of place along with the naked pics and stupid photos.

    seriously, you really need to see a physio. dont forget, a GP has a general knowledge. if they arent a runner, they are probably not as clued up on running injuries as somebody who specialises in sports injuries and such.

    a military doc has a good idea, simply because the job means a lot of guys injure themselves in one way or another, and a military doc who doesnt know their stuff on what would be classed as sports injuries or is unable to diagnose a wide range of obsecure STI's caught from the local wildlife is use to neither man or beast.

    why do you think professional athletes have a dedicated team?
    because 'take two of these and come back if it hurts in 2 weeks' simply doesnt cut it sometimes.
  11. Seriously, see a doctor. The Army has plenty of sports medicine trained GPs and orthopaedic surgeons. We all know about injuries.

    If you hide it, you WILL fail basic and be in shitload more trouble for trying to hide it.
  12. yeah think thats what im gonna do, thanks for the advice, im just hoping they dont see it on my medical at catterick and see ive had a problem then just send me home there and then