plz give me some information !!!!!

Discussion in 'The Training Wing' started by odeanio, Jun 25, 2006.

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  1. hiya
    i have been down to lichfield for my selection once already but unfortuantly i failed on my granade test i am now going down again on the 11th of july which will hopefully be a sucess but i am abit worried about the granade test if you could please give me information and abit of help in this matter i would be so happy as im so worried about failing again !!!!!!!
  2. basicly mate what cant you remember?...i passed selection at pirbright in may...

    The live version is the L109A1 High Explosive and the drill version is the L110A1.

    The stencilling on the L109A1 says "GREN HAND HE L109A1" in yellow letters, on a deep bronze green body with a yellow band around the top.
    The stencilling on the L110A1 says "GREN HAND INERT DRILL L110A1" in white letters on a dark blue body.

    That's the most difficult bits mate...oh and the effectiveness against targets is 20m for an unprotected target and 5m for a protected target.

    Piece of piss mate.. good luck and ask if you need to know anything else.

    (i messaged this to you incase its urgent)
  3. Grenade tests? What the hell?

    They didn't do that in '94!!!
  4. **** that all youve gotta remember is to throw the cnut once youve pulled the pin
  5. Grenade test whats that all about???????????????
  6. Then check your finger to ensure that you've got hold of the pin.
  7. Apparently recruits now have to take an apptitude test that consists of memorising details about hand grenades - my sister had to do it when she went in about 2001.
  8. move like the clappers when the mong next to you fecks up.... oh and keep yer pull rings... very very handy they are too!
  9. All sounds very violent to me.... I didnt think young soldiers had to do stuff like that..I just thought they were shown the ins and outs of the welfare system!!?
    Am I wrong?
  10. Sure it was just the 'granade' test you failed?
  11. You might have failed it because you spelt grenade wrong. Just a thought.
  12. How the fcuk can you fail the grenade test?
    I thought it was just pressing the 'X' Button on your playstation controller?
  13. Grenade test ? What the Feck ! What happend to just press ups sit ups chin ups and a run ?
  14. Not having even seen a grenade for about 30 years, I've understandably forgotten the IA drills.

    What comes after "GRENADE FIRES, GRENADE STOPS"?

    And has anyone got some range tables to remind me of the maximum vertex?
  15. Grenade test. I had to face the more vicious side of dominos!!