Plymouth Chap Silversurfer WLTM Babe

Discussion in 'Lonely Hearts' started by abrecan, Oct 5, 2008.

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  1. Yes, wouldn't mind a nice lady about forty or so for an old exArmy bloke. If there is anyone wants to PM then leave it in my box and I'll pick it up.

    Live Plymouth, working and p*ssed off being single, so have a heart eh?

    Mine's a Guiness thanks.

    And having posted this...yes I'll take the flack..............incoming..........!!


    (Pic available, but of course I'm wise to windups)

  2. Fella, you're better off going down Union Street in Guzz-there's a better class of woman there than on here! :D (Standsby for incoming on here)
  3. Well a night out in Jesters got me in trouble, when a woman asked me to take her home and "do her". I knew her bloke was around not caring what happened, and stuck her in a taxi. Decent thing to do. But a Matelot however, well, who knows?....;-)
  4. Down Union Street you say, only if you want them under age. Best hang around the Barbican.