Thought I would stick this in here for the piss takes.....
Great day out apart from the rain on and off!
Managed to find shelter from the rain early on this morning (with the AAC of course) my mate said “you cant go in there”, I said “are you coming in or do you want to stay out here and drown” lol. Was in full viewing distance of an Apache flight simulator. Very nice man from Wattisham asked if I wanted a go but declined on the grounds that I may well break it….. :lol: (Methinks he meant the simulator anyway) Very accommodating those chaps aren’t they. Mind you, the one (just the one) Gazelle would have been a temptation to try out, had it not been for the barriers around it. Sadly no Lynx but also knowing they are a tad busy elsewhere at mo. The RAF had the monopoly on pitches it seemed.
A couple of the guys had heard of ARRSE as they clocked the tee shirt. One even commented that the site was top class. I wondered at that point if he had ever read posts in the NAAFI but didn’t pursue the conversation, just incase. 8)
Couldn’t face the parachute tower, being considerate about throwing up last nights booze and the morning’s bacon roll and coffee over the poor guy on the ground on descent. Thought did cross my mind though….. :twisted:
Much giggles by me and my mate due to the guy who turned up at the burger bar and said, “give us something to wash the beer down with love, will ya” She said “bacon or sausage” he said “I don’t give a shit really, anything in a bun will do……” :lol:
Its on again tomorrow if anyone is down this way 0930-1700. Highly recommended. The displays are wicked. Said mate I went down there with just text me and said she had told her husband on return that she signed up for ten years, the sad thing being that he was well miffed when she told him it was a joke. Ah well. Wait until he sees her credit card bill for the stuff she bought in a retail therapy extravaganza! :lol: :lol: