Plymouth Argyle - Needs Everyone's Help please

Discussion in 'Sports, Adventure Training and Events' started by Gundulph, Jan 25, 2011.

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  1. I know the majority of football supporters in ARRSE will probably be Premiership Club supporters but if you are a fan of football you will no doubt not want to see any football club in the English League sink and fold, a petition has been put together by an Argyle fan living in Japan who will personally present the signed petition to the clubs' majority shareholder, a Japanese businessman whose financial promises have resulted in zero and who could help Argyle survive, he needs as many signatures as possible, any help is appreciated:

    Kagami-san - Don't abandon Argyle! Petition
  2. Bad CO

    Bad CO LE Admin Reviews Editor Gallery Guru

    I've signed it, mind you they're a classic example of how money has ruined a club that should be run for the benefit of the supporters. Lots of complicit local politicians too .....
  3. Signed, as a follower of a club who too are struggling and may fold, Dundee FC in the Scottish 1st Division, sitting bottom after having a 25 point deduction for going into administration.
  4. Signed.......Reidy is a top bloke!
  5. Signed, even though I don't like them.
    No reason for it, but they're not my club.
    Although my club (the Mighty Cardiff City) have sailed very close to the wind in regards to their financial situation.
  6. I will sign when I get into a computer which will let me. How ever I won't be admitting to anyone that I did. The shame would be far to much. Not to mention that my brother and father will kill me as they both support Torquay!!

    OK now signed, I'm off to hang my head in shame

  7. I have signed this purely for the fact that they are responsible for one of the most enthusiastically mangled chants I have ever heard (Oxford circus tube a few years back - no idea who they'd been playing):

    "Three nil to the Arg-eye-ill!"
  8. Cheers, every Signature is going to help, even yours The Phantom Bear and yes I admit you will be in the dog house should your Torquay supporting kin find out :) I bet Miss Chamberlain won't sign it she hates us!

    This fella put it a lot better than I did, an article in the Toon Army's Forum:

    BBC - 606 - - A80245253 - Pilgrim in need of a favour